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02-09-2008, 07:38 PM
I actually started out supporting Mitt Romney and very excited to finally have a presidential candidate that I could vote FOR in 2008. I went to a rally here in Shenandoah, Iowa and bought a campaign button and T-shirt even before I heard him talk. I was never disillusioned or disappointed by Mitt and still think he would have been one of the best presidents ever. I was afraid that the mainstream media and the political establishment would never tolerate a truly conservative, honest, and independent man (let alone a Mormon) as president. And they didn't.

So with such high praise for Brother Romney, why did I become a Ron Paul supporter?

Simply put, as great as Mitt was (and is), Ron Paul was significantly better. I was blown away to hear him talk about the constitution with the respect that it truly deserves. He spoke of preserving this nation and the liberties that make this nation unique. He was not just paying lip service, however. He has a track record of consistency and integrity unmatched by any other congressman. In a word he was something I had stopped hoping to find; a politician who knows and stands for what is right, without compromise.

Even on the few issues with which he and Mitt disagreed, I realized that Ron Paul was right. The war in Iraq WAS undeclared, and, as such, was and is unconstitutional. We are borrowing money from China and Saudi Arabia to finance a project in nation-building that we cannot afford for a people who resent our presence. We are over nine trillion dollars in debt with no real end in sight. Our country IS paying a terrible price for ignoring the wisdom of our founding fathers.

Other issues may not have been areas of disagreement, but only Ron Paul was speaking out as clearly or forcefully for the right. We have allowed the US to enter into entangling foreign alliances and treaties that really do threaten our national sovereignty. We have allowed secretive organizations like the Federal Reserve to usurp powers that were supposed to be granted to our elected representatives in congress. I could go on, but I am sure you already know or will soon learn why Ron Paul is such unique candidate and why his message is so vital for our nation today.

Anyway, I have always felt that Mitt Romney's supporters were kindred spirits and would make some of the best and strongest Ron Paul supporters someday.

Your day has come.

02-09-2008, 10:00 PM
Welcome!!! :) Bring the rest of em with you!

Romney was my original pick too until I learned about Ron Paul. So glad to have you

02-09-2008, 10:33 PM
So glad to have you here!:)