View Full Version : Disapointed with Ron Paul? Ė Iím Pissed, then again maybe not.

02-09-2008, 03:01 PM
Well, reading the last email from Ron, maybe I was disappointed and pissed off for a moment. And then I just had to log into the forums to get completely depressed. Then I took a little time to reflect on my experiences.

The last three Presidential elections I have attempted to convert anyone I knew or spoke with to the Libertarian Party. Quite frankly, I personally had absolutely zero (yes 0) success. I couldnít even convince my wife. Everyone I spoke with said virtually the same thing: ďI really do agree with those libertarians, but theyíre unrealistic and canít possibly win and I donít want to throw my vote away.Ē

I got to the point I just gave up, didnít renew my Libertarian membership, and slipped back into the ďlesser evilĒ mentality and complacency. I wasnít really paying attention to this election and really didnít care what happened. A couple friends slapped me around a little and made me actually look at Ron Paul and from there is was all over. My eyes were re-opened.

And to my surprise this time, Iíve been able to get about a dozen people to not only look at him, but get so fired up theyíve donated to a campaign for the first time in their lives and are determined to ďthrow away their voteĒ if needed and plan to write in Ron Paul if heís not nominated and have been telling everyone they know. These are some of the same people that I couldnít get to even glance at a Libertarian Party candidate in previous elections! My wife, my dad, friends and colleagues that pretty much laughed at me for voting Libertarian and now they are going to write in Ron Paul!?!?!?!!!!

Ron Paul and all of us have actually made a pretty big impact no matter how the race turns out. It really is just beginning, and itís not even close to being over yet!

My plans remain unchanged. I will canvas my precinct as planned! (Our state primary is not until May) I will attend my GOP precinct meeting with the few Ron Paul supports in my neighborhood! And I will bring about dozen or so supporters to our GOP County meetings to nominate and vote myself and other Ron Paul supporters to become committee members and state and national delegates!

We can change the direction of the GOP from the inside out! Ron Paul has helped me to realize that I am a Republican! Itís the party that has left us, and I am no longer willing to cast aside and will raise my voice within the Republican Party!

Ron Paul has persevered in this war for more than 30 years and he will persevere until his last day. Itís time that we make the same commitment to Liberty press on until our last day! Win or loose, this election is really but a small front in war for Liberty. The war will rage on and even when the day comes that Liberty is victorious again, the war for its preservation must be continued long after weíre no longer here to fight.

I just donated another $50 to the campaign and strongly urge anyone who agrees with me to match my contribution!