View Full Version : Two roads diverge in yellow wood?

02-09-2008, 01:46 PM
The first alternative to the official campaign was the R3VOlUTION, but this had no agenda beyond marketing.

The second alternative is you or 'us' getting into politics and taking back the GOP (or other parties as you please).

The third alternative is more Ghandian forms of social resistance which we have just barely begun. But we're getting good at it fast.

But there you have it. Some of the movement will head into 'conventional politics' and some of it will stay grassroots. And if you think about it, one can't be really successful without the other.

I'm really interested in the grassroots thing. Not everybody is cut out to run for public office. What will happen to the R3VOlUTION and the meetup groups post-election? We'll loose a LARGE percentage of active bodies, but the hard cores will morph into new activities and probably groups. But many of the folks who don't remain active will simply deactivate which means they can be reactivated in the future. And besides, folks need a rest now and then.

To all of you with the capability and presentation skills to do the public office thing, totally go for it. Start at the precinct leader level or whatever level you think you can do. We'll be out there for you.