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02-09-2008, 01:16 PM
To my fellow RP supporters,

I know a lot of folks are down right now. But we are not finished. In fact, the Revolution has just begun. As proof of my own continuing commitment to the cause, I'd like to offer the following....

This came about because I had the joy and privilege of joining in the rally outside the Reagan library before the California debate. I was incredibly impressed with the huge turnout for Ron Paul. It was truly inspiring! We have such a great group of people in this movement.

However, one thing that really struck me at that time -- and has also bugged me when I've watched other rallies on YouTube -- is that we just seem to endless chant "Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul...." which gets pretty tiresome after a while, and probably just annoys people. Not our goal.

So I said to myself "Self, why not come up with a more creative chant that really says something about our movement?"

Herewith is my humble offering to the cause. If you like it, please feel free to use it at any of your rallies or marches over the next few months. Treat like a military marching cadence, with one leader chanting each line and the troops echoing....

1) Children of the USA
Our great country’s lost its way
The Federal government’s gone berserk
Put us deep in debt and outta work

Politicians got us in this fix
With their greed, their lies, their dirty tricks
Now they say we need a hundred year war
But they can’t fool us anymore

We don’t need no Patriot Act
To protect our country, that’s a fact
All we need’s our liberty
The Constitution’s guarantee

I’m an American, strong and brave
I am not the government’s slave
So I know what I must do
I’m votin’ Ron Paul – how ‘bout you?
Yes, I know what I must do
I'm votin' Ron Paul – how ‘bout you?

2) Y’know those bozos on TV
Making fun of us and our liberty
Well, they don’t get it, the country’s broke
And the Bill of Rights is not a joke

Families are suff’ring, it’s a crime
‘Cause the dollar isn’t worth a dime
Meanwhile, they keep on waging war
We’re not gonna take it anymore

The talkin’ heads pretend we don’t exist
But that won’t stop us, we persist
Our ranks are growing day by day
Like it or not, we’re here to stay

I’m an American, strong and true
TV don’t tell me what to do
Time to take back our government
Elect Ron Paul as President!
Yeah, let's take back our government
Elect Ron Paul as President!

3) McCain just wants an endless war
Rudy’s already out the door
Romney hangs around like Lurch
And Huckabee belongs in church

So in the end, there’s just one choice
Dr. Ron Paul -- the people’s voice
He speaks the truth, loud and clear
Says we don’t have to live in fear

He’ll pull the reins of government back
And bring our troops home from Iraq
Clean up this economic mess
And put an end to the IRS

You’re an American, strong and proud
You don’t have to follow the crowd
Give yourself a chance to live free
Vote Ron Paul for liberty!
Yeah, find out what it’s like to live free
Vote Ron Paul for liberty!

4) The politicians smirk and scoff
The pollsters try to write us off
But secretly they’re terrified
‘Cause we got truth on our side

They think if they deny we’re right
Maybe we’ll give up the fight
But they're wrong -- no, we're not done
This revolution's just begun

Join us in this great crusade
Think for yourself, don’t be afraid
Stand for peace, stand for truth
When you step in that voting booth

We’re Americans, strong and free
The future’s up to you and me
Times are tough, but it’s not too late
Vote Ron Paul 2008!
Yeah, times are tough, but it’s not too late
Vote Ron Paul 2008!


"Freedom Works!"