View Full Version : Forward Thinking And the Battles Ahead

02-09-2008, 12:13 PM
The Ron Paul grassroots effort by far is most successful in US presidential campaign history. This campaign will be studied by all our enemies for the next four years. By the 2012 elections every campaign will try to emulate it.

In my opinion at this point people need to start having serious talks about putting some of this passion, energy and talent into a national organizing a national. This group would be a more focused and better organized political action group. This group would be based on the platform that we all embrace. More importantly it gives us the ability to go after Democrats and Republicans who try to stand in the way of our message.

A group like this would give some of the grassroots people a place to focus their time energy and resources into something that will have a much more dramatic effect on the election and the political landscape. I think itís time to add a new weapon to revolutions arsenal. One that looks at the whole political landscape and picks a target based on how much damage can be done (against our opponents) to further our cause.

I think this would be the natural evolution in the revolution. Iím willing to put my time and effort into something like this. I believe a group like this will have a much larger impact on the political landscape and have a direct impact on the election.

Actively looking for patriots to help move this forward.
Currently Alfa testing website
Currently looking for people to help put a platform together.

If interested contact me at

Thank you