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02-08-2008, 08:16 PM
Ever thought about starting a web TV channel for Ron Paul? Working together brainstorming, discussing, planning and creating Audio/Video contents to boost the campaign? Streaming live videos, reporting grassroots events from your location, moderating discussions, debates live on the internet or just share your videos for the Ron Paul campaign?

What I mean is Reporters Without Borders For Ron Paul.

The www.wtpcast.com has the following features:

Main Page (RP campaign web links, RP books, grassroots websites links, RPTV,
Forum (From main site click on login or publish)
WTPcastTV, News Feed from google news, The anthem Song, ...)
Broadcast (A youtube like where you can upload Ron Paul videos)
CD/DVD Message Bomb (Click on CD/DVD Banner)

Coming next, a Wiki where you can publish your articles that you can contribute in developing together.

Oh, I have a question: Did you register as precinct leader? What, Not Yet?

It is very easy and Powerful, you will have fun and learn a lot:


Any Help from RP supporters with the platform is welcome, I am a just one person!