View Full Version : we need an "anti mcain slate" to block mcain in some states suggestions?

02-08-2008, 06:16 PM
After Thinking About Htis I Dont Like The Idea It Makes Me Feel Dirty

I Tryed Deletin The Thread But It Didnt Work

02-08-2008, 06:25 PM
It could work. Question: if we have a state and we teamed up with Huckabee against McCain, how would that work? Say that the Paul/Huckabee slate got 66% but McCain got 34% and we win, when it comes down to deciding delegates, what do we do? Split them 50/50?

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02-08-2008, 06:40 PM
good question

i really dont know probly just split em down percentage wise or even as uncommited i doubt huckabee has many people whos signed up and got signateure to be delegates so essentialy we would get more when it comes down to it anyways whoeevr they are pledged to

all we have to do is get to the brokered convention and the only one who seems like he can do it is mccain they said it wouldnt be easy for romney and he was beating huck so...

we also need to make sure that hucksters online audiance knows aboput what a brokered convention is as well if they dont already know

im off to find witch states this may be most effective in and post those hear

then to see if hucks people know what up with that and then to research how to set up a slate like that if at all possible in targeted states

02-08-2008, 07:01 PM
k heres some info on delegate counts and preditions

now im off to find out what states are winner take all


McCain Will Not Have Enough Delegates in JUNE - We are Going to a Brokered Convention
By zooamerica | February 7, 2008

Candidate Delegates

Mike Huckabee 190
John McCain 703
Ron Paul 14
Mitt Romney 293 - these delegates are now “frozen” - but come convention time, they will be free to vote for who they want to. This “suspension” helps Ron Paul’s campaign.

Upcoming primaries and caucuses - predicted winner

02/09/08 Kan. Caucus 39 - Huckabee

02/09/08 La. Primary 46 - Paul

02/09/08 Wash. Caucus 41 - Paul

02/12/08 D.C. Primary 19 - McCain

02/12/08 Md. Primary 38 - McCain

02/12/08 Va. Primary 64 - Huckabee

02/19/08 Wis. Primary 40 - McCain

03/04/08 Ohio Primary 91 - Huckabee

03/04/08 R.I. Primary 21 - McCain

03/04/08 Texas Primary 138 - Paul

03/04/08 Vt. Primary 18 - McCain

03/11/08 Miss. Primary 37 - Huckabee

04/22/08 Pa. Primary 75 - Huckabee

05/06/08 Ind. Primary 55 - Huckabee

05/06/08 N.C. Primary 67 - Huckabee

05/13/08 Neb. Primary 35 - Huckabee

05/16/08 Hawaii Primary 20 - McCain

05/20/08 Ky. Primary 45 - Huckabee

05/20/08 Ore. Primary 31 - McCain

05/27/08 Idaho Primary 32 - Paul

06/03/08 N.M. Primary 24 - McCain

06/03/08 S.D. Primary 27 - Paul

Come June, McCain will have won 211 more delegates…

703 + 211 = 914

Let’s say McCain pulls out the win in Texas…

914 + 138 = 1052

McCain is still short of the 1,191 delegates necessary to win the nomination. Add in Ohio, and he’s still short.

AND these states (except 3) are not winner take all states - meaning the delegates will be split and distributed to 2nd and 3rd place finishers…

We have a long road to go…

McCain doesn’t have enough campaign cash left to make it past May.

Ron Paul could potentially go into the GOP convention with almost 300 delegates.

A brokered convention was the plan from day 1, why change now?