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02-08-2008, 05:05 PM
If you have DRE voting machines in your area, and know first hand the failures of this system please help us out!

Or you can write in for freedom :)

From my meet up:
Tell Your County Not to Purchase Failed DRE voting machines!

In a shocking move, New York State Supreme Court Justice O'Connor overruled the decision of the State Board of Elections and allowed touchscreen voting machines (DREs), to be purchased by counties. Last week the Board voted to eliminate the LibertyVote and Avante DREs because they violate New York State law and don't qualify as ballot marking devices. But legal experts were astounded when the Court decided that vendors should be able to sell whatever equipment they want - whether or not it serves the needs of voters. There are no less than 3 paper ballot/ballot marker/ballot scanner systems available to the counties. There is no need to buy expensive, failure prone DREs when a superior alternative is available for less cost.

County election commissioners are scheduled to make their machine choice today, February 8. It is urgent that you call your county Board of Elections today and tell them -

Call you county Board of Elections today! You can find a contact information for your Board by clicking on your county on this map:

County map:
http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001A0MVTKgm6nAEJwmJ69NEjOaLkwfvk2M0bt2Gz1 F2TEkSRTkpClLx7C9G15waYFs7HN7dy244t0JJ2xWI7vWGsOHG FYlARAzP17gENZ7xszETxVhbkQjJ7ZkVJDG_xVuZIrePRk6_-mKLCPjeDmKfENHCxVEWhZlvhS9iAEtsl2nsvSJXCp3s3U0cTUS wwGo4QD2rNAHvoVs7G4TKZ1IPuwAEaqHyIXFWYePZiptEosGyS X72rGfwLQ==