View Full Version : Please read...OUR FUTURE

02-08-2008, 11:31 AM
We are a lobby. Get on this and get on it now. We build on success, not dwell on failure.

We are going to the convention
Dr. Paul will speak to the nartion
Stop moping around....do you want McClinton?! Of course not!

We are a lobby
We have the cause
We have the money
we have the people
We have Dr. Paul
We have all and any other politician who supports our cause
We have the track record for organization
We have the track record to raise the money
We can show up in numbers either on the net or in person
The people in power hate our stinking guts
The people in power are scared shi&%$ess of us
We are already bristling with PAC's and media experts
We are highly unpredictable
We are big time pissed off
It is already established in Washington DC who we are and what we can do
We are going to unseat a congressman or senator and once we do...we win
Because we will just email each congressman and senator that is up for reelection and tell them we will unseat them unless they vote as we instruct them to vote.
We are suing NH
We are suing LA
We are right
We are thinking about suing Alaska
We will simply kick the ever living spit out of everything we see fit to kick the ever living spit out of.
We have two dozen websites with millions of hits per month
We have a product that everyone wants(freedom)
Do you honestly think freedom is a tough sell?

A lobby is perfect because:

We don't have to get elected
We don't need any GD media coverage
We don't need that much money
When we have to back a candidate it will only be for a state campaign which means a far lower investment.
and?.......................we have already started.

It's all about fear
It's all about job security
It's all about us

It's a screwed up system.......use it.