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02-07-2008, 01:36 PM
I know what most of you are thinking. Yes this thread has been posted 6 times. BUT HEAR ME OUT.

Romney dropping out and suspending his campaign is the SAME thing in the eyes of the GOP.

They WILL give away his delegates.


Romney suspends campaign vs. dropping out
Posted: 12:20 PM ET

WASHINGTON (CNN) Suspending a campaign has a different meaning depending on the party.

On the Republican side, decisions on how to allocate delegates is left to the state parties.

On the Democratic side, a candidate who "suspends" is technically still a candidate, so he or she keeps both district and statewide delegates won through primaries and caucuses. Superdelegates are always free to support any candidate at any time, whether the candidate drops out, suspends or stays in.

National party rules say that a candidate who "drops out" keeps any district-level delegates he or she has won so far but loses any statewide delegates he or she has won.

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