View Full Version : Fighting MSM!!! Start this movement in your OWN PRECINCT!

02-07-2008, 10:47 AM
Recently, a thread was posted in this forum regarding the possibility of a Grassroots Project to fight MSM. Scattered through the country are vacant radio/T.V. stations. Instead of being primarily internet based, the Ron Paul campaign will inevitably fail if he doesn't receive attention at the "broadcast" level. Let's face it. The common man's knowledge of politic's is limited to exposure of the news. The internet only captures a small percentage of young voters. What has been proposed is for each individual precinct to start buying up these available radio stations and T.V. stations and start broadcasting RP ads and info. It would certainly amp up local support around the nation and inevitably boost national awareness of him. Grassroots is capable of raising ground-breaking numbers! Utilize that ability to buy up these stations!

However, if your precinct doesn't have available stations for sale/lease then contact local news stations and voice opinions. Raise hell until we get coverage!