View Full Version : Republican National Convention - what if?

02-07-2008, 10:20 AM
I read the article at http://www.itsmynet.info/GARKO.blog/?p=1479 which says that Ron Paul will have his chance to address the nation at the Republican National convention in MN this year. This got my cog wheels turning a bit.

Two relatively recent events really stood out to me. The first what when Ron Paul was speaking on MTV and they kept cutting to an outside view where you could see Ron Paul on a giant screen in NYC and a wave of supporters who were waving signs and going crazy. The second event was right after the 9/11 attacks when all of the members of Congress lined the steps of the Capital and started singing "God bless America"............ What if we could combine the two?

Is there anyway we could organize busses from across the country to get meet-up groups and individual supporters into MN for the convention so that as soon as Ron Paul takes the stage or as soon as he finishe speaking we could break into perhaps the largest public singing of "God bless America". A version so loud that we shake the damn building and let those delegates inside know that the American people demand Ron Paul! I know this probably sounds a little nutty but we have to do something to stand out and there is no way the media can ignore "god bless america" being sung so loudly that it interrupts their broadcast. If we can do this than I will be there and will bring a truck load with me.