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02-07-2008, 06:33 AM
Border State Coalitions (BSC) - 02/07/08

The purpose of the BSC project is to organize help in the form of manpower and supplies for states with upcoming primaries or caucuses from neighboring states. States with a * after their 2 letter abbreviation have a primary or caucus after the state they are aiding, so should probably hold onto their supplies.

Ideally, we would like to start a BSC project (A-F) a month to a month and a half before the primary to allow time for fund raising, ad buys and 4-6 weekends for people to come from neighboring states to canvas precincts.

Dates are from:
http://www.votesmart.org/election_president_state_primary_dates.php?sort=da te

BSC (A-F) Projects:

# BSC - PUNT (2 days) There is no time for organizing, if close go to these states and help.
P1 - 02/09/2008KansasRepublican CO, NE*, IA, MO, AR, OK
P2 - 02/09/2008LouisianaRepublican TX*, AR, MS*

# BSC-A (5 days)
A1 - 02/12/2008DistrictofColumbiaRepublican DE, W.VA
A2 - 02/12/2008MarylandRepublican DE, NJ, PA*, W.VA
A3 - 02/12/2008VirginiaRepublican W.VA, KY*, TN, NC*

# BSC-B (12 days)
B1 - 02/19/2008WashingtonRepublican OR*, ID* (supplies from MT, WY, UT, NV, CA)
B2 - 02/19/2008WisconsinRepublican MN, IA, IL, MI

# BSC-C (~1 month)
C1 - 03/04/2008OhioRepublican PA*, WV, KY*, IN*, MI
C2 - 03/04/2008RhodeIslandRepublican MA, CT
C3 - 03/04/2008TexasRepublican LA, AR, OK, NM*
C4 - 03/04/2008VermontRepublican NY, MA, NH
C5 - 03/11/2008MississippiRepublican LA, AR, TN, AL, FL

# BSC-D (~1 months)
D1 - 04/22/2008PennsylvaniaRepublican MD, WV, OH, NY, NJ
D2 - 05/06/2008IndianaRepublican IL, MI, OH, KY*,
D3 - 05/06/2008NorthCarolinaRepublican VA, TN, GA, SC

# BSC-E (~2 months)
E1 - 05/13/2008NebraskaRepublican SD*, IA, MO, KS, CO, WY
E2 - 05/20/2008KentuckyRepublican IL, OH, WV, VA, TN, MO
E3 - 05/20/2008OregonRepublican - WA, ID*, NV, CA (supplies from MT, WY, UT, NV, CA)

# BSC-F (~2 months)
F1 - 05/27/2008IdahoRepublican - WA, OR, NV, UT, WY, MT (supplies from MT, WY, UT, NV, CA)
F2 - 06/03/2008New MexicoRepublican AZ, UT, CO, OK, TX
F3 - 06/03/2008South DakotaRepublican ND, MI, IA, NE, WY, MT

The following territories have very few supporters and are not in the continental US. If someone can figure out a way to help them, I'm all ears, but for now I'm leaving them out of the project.

02/23/2008American SamoaRepublican
02/23/2008Virgin IslandsRepublican

Below is a listing, by state, of states that contact yours and have upcoming primaries or caucuses. We can either set up Meetups or use a message forum for organizing, poll here: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?t=114685 but we need to get as many organizers and assistant organizers to join the appropriate project group(s) for your state. For Example:

PA(D1) MD(A2), OH(C1)

Means that organizers in Pennsylvania should join the BSC-A and BSC-C projects in order to aid Maryland and Ohio, respectively. They should also join BSC-D project to network and coordinate aid coming into Pennsylvania from neighboring states for their primary.

States with no entries after their initials should send left over supplies wherever they can and engage in activities like phone banking, letter writing and making/shipping banners to whoever needs them.

AL MS(C5),
AZ - NM(F2)
AR KS(P1), LA(P2), TX(C3), MS(C5),
CA OR(E3),
CO KS(P1), NE(E1), NM(F2)
CT RI(C2),
DE DC(A1), MD(A2),
FL MS(C5),
GA MS(C5), NC(D3),
ID(F1) WA(B1), OR(E3),
IL WI(B2), IN(D2), KY(E2),
IN(D2) OH(C1),
IA- KS(P1), WI(B2), NE(E1), SD(F3)
KS NE(E1),
KY(E2) VA(A3), OH(C1), IN(D2),
LA TX(C3), MS(C5),
MD(A2) PA(D1),
MA RI(C2), VT(C4),
MI WI(B2), OH(C1), SD(F3)
MN WI(B2),
MS(C5) LA(P2),
MO KS(P1), NE(E1), KY(E2),
MT ID(F1), SD(F3)
NE(E1) KS(P1), SD(F3)
NV OR(E3), ID(F1)
NH VT(C4),
NJ MD(A2), PA(D1),
NM(F2) TX(C3),
NY VT(C4), PA(D1),
NC(D3) VA(A3),
ND - SD(F3)
OH(C1) PA(D1), IN(D2), KY(E2),
OK KS(P1), TX(C3), NM(F2)
OR(E3) - ID(F1)
PA(D1) MD(A2), OH(C1),
RI(C2) -
SC NC(D3),
SD(F3) NE(E1),
TN VA(A3), MS(C5), NC(D3), KY(E2),
TX(C3) - AL(P2), NM(F2)
UT ID(F1), NM(F2)
VT(C4) -
VA(A3) NC(D3), KY(E2),
WA(B1) OR(E3), ID(F1)
WV DC(A1), MD(A2), VA(A3), OH(C1), PA(D1), KY(E2),
WI(B2) -
WY NE(E1), ID(F1), SD(F3)

See this thread for more information:

tangent4ronpaul (at) yahoo (dot) com