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02-06-2008, 10:55 PM
another thread on this page got me thinking. it was about whether or not the government could eventually threaten the internet as a free place.

my question is, in this day and age, what mechanisms do we actually have for standing up to tyrrany? when the constitution was written the idea of keeping arms to physically battle tyrannical governments was there. today, short of voting out officials we dont like (as if our votes are really counted anyway), what can we do?
protesting just gets massive police power against us (just look at NYC during the republican convention when people were literally rounded up and thrown into detention centers down in the piers on the westside, sometimes for days...google it, its true). and in this age of The Decider, what effect does protesting have anyway? who listens? the politicians sure dont.
we cant physically fight...i guess some of us who have firearms could get together and attempt something but look what happened in New Orleans..police and Blackwater came in and illegally confiscated weapons! what the hell?! and against the forces of Blackwater (Bush's secret army led by his relative) a home owned semi automatic 9mm isnt going to accomplish much.
i guess we could go on massive strike which would result mainly in suffering for us, ourselves.
what would you do if suddenly martial law was announced? seriously. not suggesting it is imminent but what if there is another false flag , 9/11 and a nuke goes off in NYC. check out REX84 and the Continuity Of Government laws that have been snuck in over the last 40 years. there goes the constitution.
before labeling me kooky please just think about it. there have been many posters on here saying 'out of my cold dead hands...' and things to that effect but what would YOU really do if confronted by a true tyranny situation?

02-06-2008, 11:26 PM
Remember all of those domestic military bases they closed ? It sure as hell wasn't to save money like they claimed . They have maned them with foreign troops that will not hesitate to
follow whatever orders given . The barbed wire fences heve razor wire at the top directed not to keep intruders out , but to keep prisoners in . There's also a number of rail cars equiped with leg irons and shakles . Guess who those are for ??

02-06-2008, 11:59 PM
anyone have any ideas? sucks knowing whats coming and having the feeling there isnt much we can do. somebody?!!

02-07-2008, 04:34 AM
anyone have any ideas? sucks knowing whats coming and having the feeling there isnt much we can do. somebody?!!

I have mostly been of the opinion that we should fight fire with fire. Get many people together to get a business together. Money and violence are the two most powerful catalysts for change in our world, and I don't think anyone of the normal people in the U.S., Ron Paul supporter or not, wants to see violence on any level.

So, I would propose a Business with an entirely new business plan-Namely the Revenge business plan. With the intent not to make it's owners rich, nor mainly to employ many people and help our economy either. But with the very real, while questionable intent to put the greedy, powerful, and I dare say evil people out of business.

Businesses that pay well, and operate at or just above cost. Keeping prices very low, while keeping employee satisfaction high, and still having the ability to compete with the big business elite of the world.

With how many highly intelligent people who are not only Ron Paul supporters, but semi-conspiracy buffs, all out NWO believers, and even the (in my opinion) slightly out there David Ickeans. They tend to be intelligent, have a drive that isn't necessarily given the best environment for use. No doubt that there are enough of 'us' from all walks of life, and of all skills, general opinions, and even desires- to fight them using their own techniques, but with the business plan that represents the most extreme spectrum of free market warfare.

I mean, over 500 000 people voted for Ron Paul, and if we all came together as one massive group, pooled funds, ideas, skills, effort, and drive, I'm sure we could set up something amazing. I mean, we all got behind one candidate and it has made this presidential election season one of the most memorable in living history.

And all of this with adhoc organization, and cooperation. Imagine what could be accomplished if we used the system to our advantage?

However, I don't think a lot of people would share this particular idea, and it would require a lot of planning, from a lot of people, with absolutely no promise of any success in any way, and the possibility of losing near everything. But then again, without Ron Paul, or some other Freedom minded person as president, we might lose everything anyway.

02-08-2008, 12:28 PM
It's such a bad idea that no one has any comments?