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02-06-2008, 09:53 PM
Snow last night but nevertheless I took vacation and went out today.

93 homes over 2.7 miles.
All Republican according to the walking list; KS GOP caucus is Saturday.
64 were not home or had no solicitation signs so I left slim-jims.
11 did not want to go to the caucus.
15 undecideds, but only 3 of those were enthusiastic about attending.
1 McCain supporter
2 Ron Paul supporters (each were hardcore with signs, stickers, and hats)

Here are the highlites:

My very first house (pro-gun according to the list) and the lady says "OH NO, I want NOTHING to do with GUNS!" when she say the slim-jim. Then her dogs run out the front door (I feel kind of bad about that, well not that bad since she was an anti-gunner).

I approach one guy is yard and he says (paraphrased) when I ask if he is registered Republican "Screw it all, I just got back from Iraq, screw everything!". I convinced him to read over the slim-jims so maybe he could be a supporter.

One yard had a Ron Paul sign and bumper stickers. Real nice guy. We quickly discuss topics (preaching to the choir) and he invites me in but I have 70 more houses to hit.

Another guy working in a yard and, when queried, says he already voted in MO. Then I realize he is wearing a Ron Paul hat. I give him several copies of slim-jims and he said he wanted to xerox them and spread the message too before Saturday. He was working in the yard of an elderly friend, and said he had convinced him to vote for Paul.

Another guy said "I USED to be Republican but Bush made me switch".

A guy walking down the street said "I'm a Democract and can't stand any of the Republicans EXCEPT for Ron Paul, who he thought was great".

Anyway, I am disturbed to find so much apathy. The no-goers were vehement about it. 80% of the undecideds just acted like deer-in-headlights or probably just saying so to get rid of me. I doubt these people will really show up.

So in conclusion, 2 Ron Paul supporters, 1 McCain supporter, and 3 enthusiastic undecideds out of talking with 30 people. So maybe 16% of those eligible will go to the caucus. I have learned that EVERY VOTE COUNTS since so few will vote.

More houses to hit Thursday and Friday.

02-06-2008, 10:00 PM
Keep it up ! !

02-06-2008, 10:47 PM
Great Job Madengr!!

Caucus's are this Saturday... If you are sitting at a printer in the next few days it might be a good idea to print one of Ron Paul's writings and hand it out with the slim Jim's you got... If a voter is curious this is a great way to nudge them a little closer to Ron Paul, or get the person thinking about the message at least.

02-06-2008, 10:55 PM
Don't rely on the list for identifying issues. Sometimes its right, sometimes not. Better just to ask what issues are important to them. Sounds like you live in a good neighborhood though. WTG!

02-07-2008, 06:15 PM
Finished off my precinct today. In addition to my first post:

95 more homes
All Republican according to the walking list; KS GOP caucus is Saturday.
65 were not home or had no solicitation signs so I left slim-jims.
19 did not want to go to the caucus.
10 undecideds, but only 3 of those were enthusiastic about attending. 1 was very pro gun.
1 non-Ron supporter
1 Ron Paul supporter (Yard sign)


A lady only 1 block away had a Ron Paul yard sign! I had no idea since I don't go by there much. She was not home but I have met her a few times so I just called and left her a message to remind her about the Caucus.

One guy said "I have dropped out of the party" and will not caucus. He said he does like Ron but thinks is policies are un-implementable.

I talked with three who were enthusiastic to attend and 1 is very pro-gun.

One will attend but will not vote for Paul.

So in conclusion for my little precinct, there are 4-5 known votes for Paul (including my wife and I), and 2 known against him. There are many undecideds but I bet only 6 will actually caucus. As I mentioned before, most are very apathetic. Of course this only includes the people I was able to speak with.

I think Paul will do well in my precinct. I hope to be able to see the results. I have also learned that the Republicans have really shot themselves in the foot the last 8 years. There are allot of disgruntled former Republicans.

J Free
02-07-2008, 06:46 PM
Excellent work. Regardless of what happens in this campaign, you will win. You are already taking back your neighborhood by inoculating it from mass media messages and restoring personal conversations about politics.