View Full Version : It's simple, they approve of the war and are satisfied with Bush

02-06-2008, 05:50 PM
In the Missouri Republican exit polls, 60% of the respondents are satisfied or ENTHUSIASTIC about the Bush administration. 69% somewhat or strongly approve of the war in Iraq. McCain got the most support from peopleI who disapprove of the war and from people concerned about the economy.

The only candidate, Democrat or Republican, that will bring American troops home, is trying to seek the nomination of a party consisting of a large number of people who are satisfied with Bush and the war. A party consisting of a few people who are unhappy with the war and concerned about the economy, but vote for the candidate who is least likely to improve these things. I know this is nothing new, but I want to reiterate it.

Blame the campaign all you want, but you have to realize that we are up against widespread ignorance. I do not know if the delegate collection plan is going as well as the campaign hoped. But I do know that Dr. Paul will continue to spread the message of liberty and freedom, even if it is not with the Republican Party.

Thanks, I needed to rant.