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02-06-2008, 05:34 PM
It is not time to quit with over nine months till elections and hundreds of thousands of still extremely loyal supporters. We have internet and truth on our side. We have a great man with a perfect message at the perfect time and nine months to go. Only sky is the limit to what this movement can grow into and achieve during these nine months.

But the present methods have reached their limits. The core strategy and tactics by the campaign and the grassroots have to be re-evaluated and refreshed. The amazing grassroots wave which seemed all but invincible in December 2007 was squelched by the combination of the media blackout, Republican party machinations, vote fraud and the failure of the campaign staff to anticipate this blackout, machinations and fraud and discover in timely manner the ways to connect with grassroots properly and use its enormous energy much more effectively against these obstacles.

There are three vital problems that need to be thought through in depth by Dr Paul himself if we are to succeed.

1. One of the core failure was the ineffective advertising. We know that Ron Paul's message will win nearly everyone who has a chance to hear it in a single coherent, undistorted 20-30 minute presentation by him. The mass media never allowed such presentation. Neither debates nor the few talk shows gave Dr Paul that chance. The campaign needs to review and test run in smaller TV markets Ross Perot's method of long, well prepared infomercials since that is the only way to break through the media blackout and allow the public to hear the real, full message. The 30 second, or even 3 minute ads, are a waste of money, even when well done. Many YouTube ads were better, more inspiring and more informative than the lame 30 second ads from the professional campaign. I hope this problem will be thought through by Dr Paul himself, rather than by campaign staff which doesn't seem up to the challenges, or even close to it.

2. The second vital problem was the failure to interface and find the proper role of the professional campaign within the vast and disorganized grassroots movement. Basically, we had a leader with a perfect message at a perfect time and we had a vast wildly enthusiastic mob ready to change America.

Unfortunately, the mob was let loose by the campaign, to go barehanded and disorganized directed to storm en masse the well entrenched, well armed, sly enemy and squander wave after wave of youthful enthusiasm into the morale-grinder. That was as painful to watch as reading about the sensless slaughter of hudreds of thousands of young men in the Civil War.

The DailyDose HQ blog was too little and came too late. The entire web based core network for the grassroots, of which DailyDose is only a tiny gear, working 24/7 to transform the vast, energetic grassroots mob into a coherent well equipped army, should have been there in October or November 2007. There is still time to make that work, provided the top brains at the refreshed campaign HQ get focused on it. Mechanisms must be put in place to quickly flow in the best ones from the grassroots into the campaign center and simultaneosuly to remove as quickly those who are ineffective and are in the way.

3. The third core problem is the vote fraud. That is something that needs much more delicate approach since any moves against it by the campaign can be easily turned by our enemies against us in the eyes of the public. But the folks at BlacBoxVoding (www.bbvforums.org) have come up with several worthy proposal for a discrete grassroots monitoring procedures to safeguard the integrity of the voting process.

The campaign staff needs to be refreshed with new blood, much smarter folks, such as Google & BlackBoxVoting supporters and many other high power brains buried presently in the wave and let loose to blunder aimlessly and ineffectively.

If something of that sort can't be done within these nine months ahead, then maybe this particular wave is only a little precursor of the real vehicle which will eventually come our way. If the campaign staff can't be renewed and made far more effective, one can't expect the government and the country to be renewed either.