View Full Version : When is someone going to mention that McCain may well be out of his mind?

Ira Aten
02-06-2008, 01:16 PM
McCain has been documented to have gone absolutely postal on people who disagree with him.

He called Senator Chuck Grassley an asshole, and told John Cornyn he was chicken shit, and ended his tirade according to the Boston Herald, by telling Conryn "F _ _ _ You!"

So here's the deal. McCain filed to oppose the "Disarm a Veteran" Act which recently passed the Senate.

Congressman Ron Paul was the only person in government, to oppose the bill in the Congress.

How about since Ron has nothing to lose, he ask the following: Since McCain has no problem forcing every American to ask the government to excercise their 2nd Amendment right through an "instant background" check of their mental status previous to purchasing a firearm, doesn't it make good sense to run John McCain's name and social security number through the same system, previous to letting him control the largest nuclear arsenal in the world??????????

It is time "my friends" to begin playing hardball.

Every single "frontrunner" in the Republican Party race treated Ron Paul in a very, very chicken shit manner throughout the entire ordeal.

The only shot we have to halt McCain is to bring up the fact that he doesn't appear to demonstrate very good judgement when working and playing with others.