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02-06-2008, 09:06 AM
My fellow Americans,

Have you ever wondered what would happen if 10,000,000 men and women marched on Washington D.C.?

If 10,000,000 strong marched on Washington D.C. on November 4th instead of casting their vote, which seems to have been deemed worthless or simply uncounted, and demanded that Ron Paul is the candidate “we the people” wish to represent us?

What would the elitists do? What would the neo-cons do? What would the crooked politicians, special interest groups, and lobbyists do? They would cower like the evening from the rising sun, that is what they would do. And deep down inside, you know this to be true!

We must face the fact that Ron Paul is viewed as a radical. And radicals need revolutionary ideas to propel them into the position they were destined to govern. We cannot fight fair in a race with men and women who are crooked to the core. They will lie, cheat and manipulate the truth to make us feel like we are worthless, that we are the minority, that we are crazy, that our dreams are mere illusions, and that our country is not our own.

Ladies and gentlemen, we must think outside the box. The polls are at risk of being tampered with and the debates are obviously being stacked.

I propose that on November 4th, 2008, we boycott the polls and march on Washington as 10,000,000 strong supporters of Ron Paul to demand that he become the next president of the United States of America. At the very least 10,000,000 strong!

If 10,000,000 Americans marched on Washington the city would be paralyzed and our voices would be heard. No media, no matter how corrupt, could avoid such an event or askew what is plain for all to see.

It is time for the patriots of this country to reawaken the American spirit.

I am not proposing that we gather arms and ammunition and storm the White House. I am not suggesting that at all. I am simply proposing a non-violent resolution to the mess that has overtaken our country and polluted our government. We do not need weapons, just Americans.

I propose a reinstallment of the ideals and principles our founding fathers fought so hard to embody for us in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. We simply march straight up to the Capitol and say: Enough is enough! We will not accept no for an answer!

Will you join me in this cause? Think about it for just one moment before you answer.

Is what I am proposing impossible?

Absolutely not!

Every Sunday, dozens of stadiums and thousands of homes, bars, and restaurants are filled to capacity with millions of Americans supporting their favorite sports team. Well, it’s time to show the same fervency for something that is far more important than making the playoffs.

Your civil liberties are at stake. Your economy is in ruins. The sovereignty of the United States of America is at risk of being lost, and “we the people” cannot stand by and allow this to happen. We must NOT go gently into the night! I believe that in a time when there is nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire. We need to reignite and rediscover the love and integrity of being Americans. It’s just that simple.

We have become complacent, lethargic, and disenchanted by corrupt politicians and the laws they have implemented that rape us of our freedom and our quality of life. We feel helpless, but we’re not.

There’s still time. There’s still hope. There’s still a chance to reclaim America and to be proud again to be called an American.

Will you join together with me in this cause on November 4th, 2008? Will you reclaim your country and your liberty? Will we come together as the United States of America?

As Benjamin Franklin departed the Constitutional Convention in 1787, he was asked whether the founding fathers had created a monarchy or a republic.

“A republic,” he famously replied, and then added, “…if you can keep it.”

Will we carry on what our founding fathers worked so hard to give us? I pray we do. May God be with you all in your decision-making and reclaiming your right of being called “free.”

This mission statement is dedicated to Ron Paul 2008 and the 10,000,000 strong who are brave enough to reclaim their freedom. Spread the word.

02-06-2008, 09:56 AM
This might be the most idiotic thing I've ever read on the internet.

If you want Ron Paul to win, get him elected.