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02-06-2008, 02:08 AM
I'm still holding on... If you guys don't remember me, I was the one who almost let go of the rope to freedom after our NH loss. I'm losing hope and I don't want to... Please guys... give me some words of comfort... It helped me last time. I feel like our funding abilities are dropping, so are the voters trust that we may win, like in Alaska, where polls had us at 30% before we began to lose... we're losing momentum and I just want to drop it but I won't... ahhh!!! I'm sooo confused!!! I know we won by getting the libertarian message renewed in this country, and that now we have congressmen running under Ron Paul's platform... but I just feel pained and hurt... for our future and the next generation and the time to come... Good luck guys...

02-06-2008, 02:10 AM
If you feel pained and hurt why would you give up?

I've never accused anyone before, but... Troll? :|

02-06-2008, 02:11 AM
Don't be a summer patriot.

The New Revere
02-06-2008, 02:13 AM
There's still almost half a nation to vote. Falling down halfway though the race is unforgiveable.

02-06-2008, 02:13 AM
Well there is not much real difference between any of the others so what would backing them matter anyways?

But being positive remember that we are bitching online, walking D2D, putting up signs. Talking to friends and family. Not the worst things in the world.

Imagine being at Valley Forge. No real buildings. No heat. Little firewood. Crappy old clothing. No real shoes. This is nothing. This is a walk in the park. Even if we lose make them think. Make them watch their step. And fight for everything. This race is unpredictable. It will probably be different in a few days anyways.

So soldier on.

02-06-2008, 02:14 AM
Did you think this would be easy? We're fighting a very big machine.

Remember your forebears. They fought for freedom with their lives.

02-06-2008, 02:37 AM
this is the Reality if Ron has not really got a Plan B ace up his sleeve to pull some crazy big Third Party Run then he better try and hope that someone gets knocked out quick ,Huckabee would be the only one I see today Who might drop out before anyone else because of his "lack of funds" and he has sorta lost momentum way back from iowa. So if Ron Can somehow stick around like a fungus in the republican race for the 08 nomination he might be able to after a while attack the last two and spread his "liberty fungus" to there "Anti-liberty" immune systems and really screw them up LOL!!!!!!!!! ahh yous know what im saying with that analogy..

Also some food for thought Pat Buchanan took forever to Officially Endorse Ron Paul though I knew that he would a long time ago the question was why did he wait these wait to make official waves endorsing Ron Paul instead of way earlier ? My theory is there is a "Romney/Paul" division amonst the buchanan family and actually Pats sister Bay Buchanan is one of Romneys key handlers so its makes perfect sense that Pat took awhile to Official endorse Paul because of the "conflict of intrest" with his little sister Bay [UHH aint that cute he dont wanna hoit his sisters feelings LOL!!!!]

But in a recent Question Bay Buchanan was on a show promoting Romney and his run for 08 and was asked "is pre-emptive war a Conservative trait" And Bay Said "No not at all" I dont remeber verbatim but that was pretty much it.. I think Romney was worried that if he wasnt seen Hawkish on the Iraq war it would of really harmed him in the nomination for Republican Party and Along with his having to Shake of the "Im a Mormon" stuff he was worried that maybe being not so hawkish on iraq and being a mormon would be to much for American Repubs to handle and would not even give him half a chance if winning anything.. But Bay Buchanan who is a Big Time Handler for the Romney Campign full out said pretty much the ideology of the iraq war is "not at all Conservative"

I think this means a couple things, 1 it could mean that Romney was infact "playing politicks with the Hawkish crap" just to minimize the "Mormon question" among Repub voters or 2 Bay Buchanan is now sorry that she Argued against Her Brother Pat in her thinking "romney should get backed by them"

and now feels that If she [Bay buchanan} only embraced what Pat said earlier about Ron Paul being better to support then romney for the repub nomination then maybe she could of helped out on Ron Pauls campign instead of Romneys along with Pat Buchanan and Goldwater jr destroying and deflecting the neo-con phony conservative crapola and really winning over the Repub base not to mention the extra support by disgruntled voters and would of for sure had a better chance at winning the Republican nomination .

The Big Question again is Why did a Big time Romney Handler ie "Bay Buchanan" Tell the Blunt Ron Paul Truth recently saying The ideology to go into the iraq war "Isnt conservative at all" ? Its insane that this isnt being picked up and talked about more aside from these lovely forums...