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02-06-2008, 01:25 AM
Seeing a LOT of discussion about a 3rd party run right now, and i want to throw this suggestion out:
How about we run as a "RON PAUL REPUBLICAN" 3rd party candidate !?!

I mean GO TO THE CONVENTION, and if he doesn't win (which there is a very real chance he wont, get realistic folks) ... RUN "THIRD PARTY" AS A "RON PAUL REPUBLICAN", make the point, "they can't kick me out of MY party, THEY are the IMPOSTERS" ... and establish a PARTY WITHIN A PARTY.

Taking a point or two from some other posts and adding my input, here are some thoughts:

1. The Libertarian Party is, potentialy, and establishment party itself. Someone said "a decoy", "doing what it was designed to do" on another post.

2. The best way to win the game is not to change it, but to "cheat" it.

3. I suggest we get some sort of "Ron Paul Republican" pact & a PAC up and running. The former (a pact) being an agreement to WITHOLD ALL FUNDS FROM THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, and donate them all to a "Ron Paul Republican" PAC.

It has been said elsewhere on this forum, third party runs simply are not effective. Ron Paul may have to technicaly run "third party" after the convention. Since some people are either hoping for or in fear of a third party run, they are thinking about WHAT party that should be. Libertarian is one that comes up a lot, and I have some of the same reservations others on here have about putting Ron Paul's round image through that square peg! We don't want to fit a mold, we want to break and remake it!

Lets do that with the republican party folks.
Form a CABAL within it (hey, they did it to OUR government!)
call it "Ron Paul Republican"
steal the wheel
and drive it right in to the whitehouse!

We need to focus on the legislative NOW and AFTER the presidential elections.

Therefore i also suggest one last thing, at some point we need to do a legilative money bomb, to be used in support of and also distributed to the congressional campaigns of Ron Paul republicans. I know this gets tricky, but we're going to HAVE to work on this folks.

Supporter & meetup lists are about to become all the more important, and so are the amazing networking and synergistic talents of all our grassroots. We have a LOT going on here folks, don't EVER forget how much effort has gone in to this movement. We have done so much amazing stuff and this is the first hour of the first day, people. When we aren't all so caught up in the tizy of this presidential rollercoaster, I think we will start to see what this movement can really do!

02-06-2008, 01:26 AM

Has a 3rd party candidate ever won the presidency?

I know a write-in never has...

02-06-2008, 01:33 AM

Has a 3rd party candidate ever won the presidency?

I know a write-in never has...

Technically, it's debateable.

1860 would be the closest thing. Lincoln won on the "brand new" Republican party ticket.

02-06-2008, 01:39 AM

Has a 3rd party candidate ever won the presidency?

I know a write-in never has...

If Ron Paul fails to secure the nomination during the Republican national convention, then 3rd party will be his only choice. He will, by definition, not be the Republican nominee.

In order to avoid giving people the impression that they should abandon ship, and actualy join a 3rd party -- which you are here acknowledgin to be a bad idea yourself -- he should make it clear that he is NOT LEAVING THE PARTY. And run 3rd party under the only temporarily existant "Ron Paul Republican" platform ...

What i would like to see is people not donate to the Republican party, but (having never been registered with either party) what i think i didn't account for is that we pay them through either the delegate process or the registration process?

If that is the case we may have to give them the cover charge, but continue colletively organizing funds to further the Ron Paul Revolution.

Several million would go a long way towards the Senate!

Ron Paul knows that, and we need to encourage people to stay in the Republican party, so we don't scatter the vote!

Bonus: They just said, "If Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination, then i'll believe that the youth are voting!" on CNN!