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02-06-2008, 01:16 AM
Alright come on people.

We have lots of hype in Alaska and I believe we are going to see the result of it.
Only 28% of precincts are reporting now, we can easily make a comeback just like we did earlier in the night in Montana. Have faith. Now, we need to concentrate all our efforts into the remaining primaries and caucuses. I myself will be canvassing the hell out of Virginia and North Carolina. If anyone would like to join me just pm me here or e-mail me at white_chocolate_delicious@yahoo.com
If we concentrate all our efforts into these remaining states we can have a strong showing and prove to the country that people want real change and support Ron Paul. We must continue to spread the message of Liberty and Freedom. I think we should start pledging to bring in a certain amount of new supporters each month, and have them bring in more supporters. We can easily multiply donations and precinct leaders.
I will update results here, but for now I need to relax so I will have myself a j or 2.

So stay motivated and keep the faith alive.

With 90% of precincts reporting:

Romney 4,267 45%
Huckabee 2,132 22%
Paul 1,583 16%
McCain 1,522 16%
Uncommitted 72 1%

and remember Alaska delegates are proportional, so even if we don't win, we still get delegates

02-06-2008, 01:31 AM
self-bump w/ added thoughts

for those of you calling for ron to drop out
that's fine for you to have your own opinion, if you want to stop donating and/or canvassing that's up to you
but please don't try to persuade others to join you, it's their own decision, not yours and if you are it just makes you look like a "troll"