View Full Version : Getting the "ignorant vote"

02-06-2008, 12:23 AM
I think that this may have been lost in the shuffle, but when Ron Paul advocated pardoning all non violent drug offenders... that should have been a huge deal for a particular segment of the population.

But they have no idea about him.

This is an issue that can drive a lot of people to the polls that you otherwise wouldn't think of as Ron Paul supporters.

I would suggest posting in hip hop message boards, drug and hippie message boards, comedy, sports, etc. This is a single issue that is going to hit home for quite a few people. Families that have loved ones in prison and people that self medicate should really be able to rally around this issue. And Ron Paul would be the only choice for them.

Once it gets out there... I think that Ron Paul is a name that will be spoken about much more than it is. It would also introduce a bunch of new people to the tv blackout.

Edit: Here is the video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7FwULXnM_E)

The proclamation is at the end of the clip.

02-06-2008, 01:13 AM
It's not so much that people are stupid; they've just NEVER EVEN FUCKING HEARD OF RON PAUL.

This is a combination of bad management and irresponsibility in mass media.