View Full Version : Reason to be optimistic and Reason why we only have ourselves to blame..

02-05-2008, 10:51 PM
There are reason to be optimistic. RP message was spread a lot further than we imagined with very little help from the MSM and establishment.

That being said, though none of us really believed we would win the super tuesday primaries, it shows how lazy some of us have gotten. We think by voting in some stupid online poll, that we somehow are making a dfference. We are not. We need only look at the states that RP is doing well at like MT and UT. Yes these are SMALL places, but guess what, we are well into the majority in the results there. That means the message has to be spread person to person. Face to face. yes the internet is the present and the future, but it still does nothing for compared to face to face.

My promise the next nine months is to get more active in this campaign. I will dedicate 2 weekends a month from now on. I will try to give more, but that is what I can do now with out issue. I did some canvassing and door to door, but we as individuals can only do some much.

ORGANIZE. If you want this bad enough we are going to have to work for it.