View Full Version : If you're going to blame, blame the sheeple

02-05-2008, 10:43 PM
The MSM cannot exist without them. If we truly want to take power away from the MSM, we need to take away their sheeple.

Now, be happy! We can deal with sheeple! Our message is their cure. But right now, the sheeple who DO know about us and Ron Paul think we're a joke. So guys, quit arguing and complaining. We need to plan and come up with the most effective methods for making people CARE about our country.

02-05-2008, 10:49 PM
In every campaign dating back to the 60s, the candidates who bought ad time on TV were noticed by the MSM and given more attention. TV is HUGE.

Now, look at how much we spent on TV in Q4. Look at the fact people are seeing RP ads TONIGHT, AFTER their polls have closed. Tell me that this was run well, and I'll laugh in your face.

$4,000,000 on mailers. MAILERS. People throw those away, they always HAVE. A freaking idiot in a marketing class could tell you that. And, from what it sounds like, a lot of the mailers went to the already convinced.. multiple times.

We'll never know what COULD have been, but, I'll tell you this.. if you buy TV ads , you get in people's eyes, and you get noticed. The flicker of a TV speaks to an ancient evolutionary structure in mankind that will catch and keep attention. If you didn't notice something in the bushes 300,000 years ago.. you didn't GET to have descendants.

I just wish we'd done better with that.