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02-05-2008, 09:39 PM
My message to the MN campaign coordinator -


Hello - say, both P-5 and P-9 were held in the same room, just divided with P-5 people on one side of the room and P-9 people on the other side. So I was able to get results from both.

One thing to mention, at the beginning they had all Maplewood and North St. Paul precincts gather in the lunch room of the school. This is where they went over rules and such. This is also where they had the person running it read all the candidates letters. I had both letters with me and read through the RP one as it was being read to us. And the guy reading it only read every other paragraph. He didn't read the entire thing. I'm not sure obviously if he did this with all the candidates, but I know for a fact he did this with RP's letter. Just thought you might want to know this.

Here are the Maplewood P-5 results -

Maplewood P-5 Straw Vote
9 Huckabee
0 Keyes
0 McCaine
5 Paul
8 Romney

Maplewood P-5 Delegate Vote (6 Delegates)

D 20 Elizabeth Schaefer
D 19 Paul Schaefer
D 19 Chris Inm
D 18 Jay Stutsman
D 17 Hilary Inm
D 16 Harland Hess
A1 10 Scott Ellingboe

Sorry, but I blew it in Maplewood P-5. I put a slim on 800 doors in my precinct, had two signs in my yard on the busiest road in my precinct, put a sign up (one of mine) right outside the main front door of the caucus location an hour before it started, handed out over 100 slims to people in various Maplewood and North St. Paul precincts that were there as they walked in, gave out all my RP stickers to RP supporters that showed up, and told every RP supporter I came across to be a delegate tonight. As you can see, all I got was an alternate spot. I spoke a little about what issues I support. While all the others spoke more about themselves. So in the end it seemed people voted for delegates that they got to know personally. I failed big time in this area. As far as I know, I am the only RP supporter in that list of P-5 delegates. There were other supporters in P-5 and I tried to talk them into being a delegate, but they wouldn't do it. I literally stood up and said, if there are any RP supporters here and it looks like there are 5 of us based on the straw vote, please put your name on the board to be a delegate. I think I'm the only one that did.

And below are the P-9 results -

Maplewood P-9 Straw Vote
3 Huckabee
0 Keyes
2 McCaine
2 Paul
4 Romney

Maplewood P-5 Delegate Vote (4 Delegates)
D 9 Neal Peterson
D 9 Mark Copher
D 8 Patrick Thibaudean
D 6 Beo Esala
A1 2 Clyde Jones
A2 2 Greg White

I know that one of the alternates is an RP supporter, but I don't know which it was Clyde or Greg.

Here again, really sorry I wasn't able to deliver better results in Maplewood P-5. I'm really disappointed in myself on this. But I'm not giving up. I'm going to continue on as long as Ron Paul does.


Scott Ellingboe
Maplewood P-5 Precinct Captain

02-05-2008, 09:43 PM
Great effort though!!! I won Minneapolis W1P7 for us so don't feel too bad. :)

02-05-2008, 09:46 PM

You gave it your all. There is nothing for which to be sorry. Thanks for everything.