View Full Version : Reality TV and politics

02-05-2008, 09:19 PM
I watched American Idol and Biggest Loser tonight because I wanted to take a break from the depressing results.

So American Idol has just about as much intelligence as the crap on the news networks and about as much of a popularity contests. Watching the contestants makes me realize that thousands of people will wait all day to make fools of themselves... when they can't sing. Our nation is full of morons... we eat the crap media feeds us like a champ on Fear Factor, candidates whore around like on The Bachelor and we vote for shallow reasons like American Idol and we are all going to be starving like they do on Survivor. The reality is we are a reality tv nation- voyeuristic, moronic and lacking depth. Apathy, ignorance and cotton candy politics (spun and sugar coated) is the direction our country is headed.

This is not a negative thead. I am going to fight. I'm staying involved in the Revolution. This has to start with education and overcoming indoctrination. We must educate our children in our homes about The Constitution, what freedom means and how to survive when the world we know falls to the wayside. We need to show them the "reality" that the media is propaganda.

If we have to live in a "reality tv" world then Biggest Loser is the direction we should go. NO that doesn't mean we are big losers... it is a show about change. It is about changing mindsets, what people eat, what they do and shedding the shackles of dead weight. Let's get off our butts, let's stop eating the crap the media is feeding us and let's change our lives... and shed the dead weight of politics as usual.