View Full Version : Super Tuesday for Super Pop-Culture Consumers

02-05-2008, 09:03 PM
The only thing we export nowadays is Movies, Music, Pop-Culture, and Soldiers.

300 million people living day to day on sound bytes and news clips. Driftwood, floating down the river of life. How nice, no decisions to make, no need to think... After all, who has time to do research and make up their own minds when Survivor is on & then they need to go buy that cool new Abercrombie shirt?

America has turned into a hollow, bloated country of consumerism, no one works except the illegal immigrants, everyone just buys buys buys and consumes consumes consumes. When the spigot of borrowed funds is turned off, and we are forced to print the money to pay for things, we will be in a world of hurt because no one will even remember how to make steel, a car, a TV set, a telephone... and everything overseas will be too expensive with our worthless dollars. Kinda like the Zimbabwe 10,000,000,000 dollar note they just started printing.

But we might still be able to write a kick-ass blues song and a decent movie about it all.