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02-05-2008, 08:27 PM
hey all,

just got back from the fargo, ND caucus, which comprises of fargo and surrounding areas (for those that don't know, fargo is our largest city in ND, and is one of really only two sizeable cities in the entire state). went there at 6:00, got back at 7:15ish (no straw poll, don't worry. our votes counted). brought 5 people with me (including myself), had counted on 6, but 2 had to go to the hospital due to a friend of theirs, but i got an extra vote from a friend at the last minute, so it's better than nothing. i also confirmed a few votes from some friends in jamestown.

the place in fargo was absolutely packed! now i don't mean to get anyone's hopes up, but i saw an incredible turnout for ron paul. i didn't see anywhere near the turnout for any other candidate, but then maybe that's just because they weren't advertising who they were voting for. my brother also said that he saw more ron paul supporters there than for any other candidate. take that with however you will.

there was a romney supporter that was going through the entire line handing out papers and telling people to vote for romney and become delegates. now don't take this as a sexist comment or anything of the sort, but she was being more than friendly with people in the crowd, like a stripper trying to get a customer at a stripclub. touching, stroking, patting people, ect. that's not a comment at women or at romney, but at this one single individual, so please take it that way. i found her tactics...disgusting. ;)

i got the papers for becoming a state delegate and got them signed so i'm likely to be a delegate at the state convention. i managed to get caught on camera behind someone being interviewed and i mouthed "ron paul" while holding up my sticker on my coat. boy did that newslady give me an angry glare. if i had to do it again though, i'd be much less shy about it than i was when i was in the background.

anyway, enough of my rambling. i don't know what place ron paul will take here, but whether he's first or last, i'm damn proud that ron paul supporters had such a presence at the caucus. take my report as nothing but favorable towards ron paul, but remain cautiously optimistic at the same time. :)

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Thanks for the update!

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If she was good looking enough I might have acted like i was interested in what she was saying! Maybe even acted like what will you do to sway a voter? Only because I would be concerened with election fraud of course!

02-05-2008, 08:46 PM
eh she looked ok i guess: a woman in her late 40's but charming nevertheless. she didn't come anywhere near me. i wasn't in the actual line at the time but waiting right by it for some friends to show up so we could all go in together.

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I love the caucus system... it keeps the stupid and carefree voters home.