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08-08-2007, 08:05 AM
You know the cartoon "This Modern World" by Tom Tomorrow? There is a blog associated with the cartoon and its creator.

Here is a recent post dissing Ron Paul. (written by his buddy)

I see this as an example of hardcore Democrats that think they are liberal and for freedom, but really all they are for is the Democratic Party and for high taxes and big government.


Because it needs to be saidÖ

Ron Paul sucks.

What? You want me to elaborate? Okay, letís start with this quote from John Derbyshire (of ďthe best thing he ever did was get kicked in the head by Bruce LeeĒ fame) :

Ron Paul believes a lot of what you believe, and what I believe. You donít imagine heís going to be the 44th POTUS, but you kind of hope he does well none the less.

And why not? Look at those policy positions! Abolish the IRS and Federal Reserve; balance the budget; go back to the gold standard; pull out of the U.N. and NATO; end the War on Drugs; overturn Roe v. Wade; repeal federal restrictions on gun ownership; fence the borders; deport illegals; stop lecturing foreign governments about human rights; let the Middle East go hang. Whatís not to like?

First of all, abolishing the IRS is a batshit crazy idea. The idea that you can fix a problem by either abolishing the agency with problems (IRS, Fed) or pulling out completely (UN, NATO) is anarchy. It doesnít make the need for those organizations go away, it just replaces one set of problems with a worse set of problems.

Greg, the existence of the IRS IS the problem. It's not that it's an "agency with some problems." The whole fact that it's there and its purpose is the problem, son.

Ron Paul is one of those ďfree marketĒ zealots

Yeah, freedom is just CRAZY, I tellz ya.

Another thing, and this canít be repeated often enough, that Ron Paul caucuses with the Republican Party. The same one that wants to ban gay marriage, ban abortion, has exploded the deficit, etc. Odd that a principled, small government maverick would aid a party that has abandoned every ideal he stands for.

Jesus, Greg, all you have to do is look at the voting record. When has he ever voted for an exploded deficit? He voted against the gay marriage amendment. This is completely dishonest, Greg, if that is your real name.

Of course, the way liberals are jumping on the Ron Paul bandwagon, I canít help but wonder if their support is equally based on a myopic one-issue platform, even if it means, for example, we get stuck with a small government conservative president who would likely oppose any effort to provide universal healthcare.Yeah, why end the trillion dollar war if we can start trillion dollar universal healthcare? Some people are just insane zealots, huh.

Normally, Iíd just end the Ron Paul bashing there, but thereís so much more to cover, like this but from a recent NY Times profile :

A larger vulnerability may be that voters want more pork-barrel spending than Paul is willing to countenance. In a rice-growing, cattle-ranching district, Paul consistently votes against farm subsidies. In the very district where, on the night of Sept. 8, 1900, a storm destroyed the city of Galveston, leaving 6,000 dead, and where repairs from Hurricane Rita and refugees from Hurricane Katrina continue to exact a toll, he votes against FEMA and flood aid.

FEMA and flood aid are pork?Of course, you know that this is disingenuous, Greg. It has nothing to do with pork. Yeah, sending FEMA in always gets the job done, so lets up their budget and give them more power. I think even the dimmest party line Democrat can see through that one.

And it just gets worse.

And letís not forget that heís a racist too.

Please don't email him.

I just wanted to point out that some people you might think are allies are not. I love his cartoons. They are usually pretty funny when they bash Bush. Hell, it's easy to do. This blog post, though, will make me chuckle a little less when I see them.

Bradley in DC
08-08-2007, 08:12 AM
Ignore him--not only will people who disagree with the author on taxes, sovereignty, etc., now take a look at Dr. Paul, it's just a collection of lame charges.