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02-05-2008, 01:38 PM
Subject: Message from Dan Rather - Super Tuesday
> Hello again. Dan Rather here, with the second installment of what I hope
> will be an on-going “conversation” with people who love news—real news.
> “Dan Rather Reports” is on the road just now, set up in Los Angeles with
> an operation organized to put on the air tonight at least five hours of
> coverage of “Super Tuesday” voting. This will be continuous live
> coverage, beginning at 8pm Eastern, 7:00 Central and 5:00 Pacific time.
> We say “at least five hours” because we will stay with this special
> coverage until the results in California are clear—at which time we hope
> and believe that all the decisions from the other 23 states holding
> caucuses and primaries will also be known.
> We will, of course, have “horse race” results just as fast as they come
> in. As has been the case of our recent past special election night
> programs, we’ll have projected winners and losers as fast—or faster—than
> anybody on the air. We’ll also have exit poll findings about issues and
> WHY people vote the way they did as fast or faster than others. (Our
> record so far shows that we’ve been the quickest with results some of
> the time and never, if ever, very far behind others the rest of the time.)
> We strive for speed and accuracy, and so far have achieved both. But who
> won and who lost—are far from the only thing we’re about on these
> nights. We’re trying to be different, to give added value by spending
> more time offering analysis, context, and perspective.
> .
> This we do by taking viewers INSIDE the campaigns, reporting and
> analyzing what those who run campaigns are thinking and saying at key
> times: what their strategies have been and are, and how they are
> adjusting and changing. Present and former campaign managers and
> strategists are with us, live, to help us do this.
> We’ll also be “following the dollars”—analyzing who is giving what to
> whom, and what they may be expecting to get in return. We’ll also
> continue to “connect the dots” of fresh voting for indications of where
> the races are just now (based not on “spin” or where somebody wants you
> to believe the races are, but rather where they actually appear to be
> based on voting results and facts).
> Our coverage is not heavy on “glitz, glitter and graphics,” nor
> rapid-fire talk. Our attitude is much more in the spirit of “let’s lean
> back, have a cup of coffee, contemplate what we know and what we don’t
> know, and have an election night conversation.”
> We hope you’ll tune in. If it pleases you and you care to, share and
> spread the word about what we’re doing. We’ll appreciate it. Word of
> mouth is vitally important to us, in everything we do.
> A week from tonight—Tuesday, February 12 at our regular time, 8pm
> Eastern, 5 Pacific—“Dan Rather Reports” will be back with a different
> kind of program, one that emphasizes some of our investigative reports:
> one from overseas, another from the Gulf Coast. We’ll also begin trying
> in next week’s program to giving viewers some fresh insights into the
> nation’s economy—where current information indicates it’s headed, and why.
> Now, for whatever—if anything—it may be worth, some things out of my
> reporter’s notebook about “Super Tuesday”:
> -Probably no candidate, in either party, will come out of today’s voting
> in 24 states having an absolute “lock” on nomination, though John McCain
> may come the closest. Mitt Romney probably believes that if Huckabee
> weren’t still in the race he—Romney—would beat McCain nationwide
> tomorrow…and that, if Huckabee gets out, Romney may yet have a shot.
> This means that Huckabee is in a strong bargaining position with both
> McCain and Romney. For a vice-presidential slot? Who can say…Stranger
> things have happened.
> -With the Democrats, it’s Clinton’s to lose but she could lose it. Her
> position over Obama right now is not as strong as McCain’s over Romney.
> Romney has been losing ground to McCain, especially since Florida.
> Obama, meanwhile, has been gaining ground on Clinton. Clinton is hoping
> that tomorrow provides a “stopper” to Obama’s momentum, but its worth
> noting that, beginning yesterday morning, Clinton’s people seem to have
> been trying to tamp down expectations.
> That’s it for now—hope to see you tonight, as we come to you live from
> the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Communication.
> With sincere thanks,
> Dan Rather