View Full Version : Former State Representative Dick Randolph Endorses Ron Paul for President

Bradley in DC
02-04-2008, 09:06 PM

Former State Representative Dick Randolph Endorses Ron Paul for President
Monday February 4, 8:51 pm ET

ANCHORAGE, Alaska--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Former Alaska State Representative Dick Randolph has endorsed ten-term Texas Congressman Ron Paul for President of the United States:
“I enthusiastically support Dr. Ron Paul’s effort to become the next President of the United States because he is the only candidate who clearly understands the fallacy of this policy and has the ideas and moral strength to attempt to correct it. Until about 70 years ago our foreign policy was, correctly, one with as few foreign entanglements as possible and as Dr. Paul states, 'Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations.' We must return to that policy or our imperialist posture around the world will leave us bankrupt both economically and morally.”

Dick Randolph previously stated, “Ron is an outstanding individual, has the highest of moral and ethical character and understands the critical issues and their solutions and should be elected the next President of the U.S.”

Congressman Paul is the only Republican presidential candidate with an active campaign in Alaska, and two offices in Anchorage and Fairbanks. He is also airing radio ads throughout the state, and held a “tele-town hall” phone conference with registered voters across the state last Friday.

The Alaska Republican caucus will take place Tuesday, February 5.