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Ron Paul Enters Super Tuesday as Second Place Finisher in Maine Republican Caucus

Republican US Presidential candidate received nearly 20 percent of the overall vote in the Maine Caucus this past weekend, beating frontrunner John McCain where it matters most - delegate count.

“Ron Paul’s strong second place finish in Maine, in which he beat John McCain, is proof that this race is far from over,” said Ron Paul campaign manager Lew Moore. “We’ll continue to battle for every delegate in this wide-open race for the Republican nomination.”

And the ground is fertile for sure.

In Colorado, for example, the donor count is somewhere around 7000 with around 800 of those in Denver County alone Gambling911.com has learned. Colorado is one of the Super Tuesday states.

3000 people turned out Friday night to see the long time Texas Congressman in Denver at a rally. The turnout was completely unanticipated.

In Washington State, Paul is widely expected to win next Friday based on donor count.

It should be noted that Paul has been receiving extensive media coverage in both Washington and Colorado's top newspapers.

Other states to watch: North Dakota, which is home to our friend Jim Kasper (R), who has been pushing for the legalization of online poker in that state. Ron Paul is also backing legalization of online poker on a federal basis along with Barney Frank.

Minnesota is also hot ground for Ron Paul. This is the state that elected Independent Jesse Ventura to its state Governor and Ventura did an outstanding job there. He's also been a spokesperson for the online gambling industry. Paul was speaking at the University of Minnesota Monday night.

In a morning meeting with reporters, Paul said he decided to hold the Minnesota rally because of strong support in the state.

"We've been impressed with the spontaneous enthusiasm," said Paul. "You know the old saying how sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the grease?"

Paul said he was mostly worried about the middle class. He said the best way to improve the economy is by strengthening the dollar. He said cutting government spending, as well as bringing all U.S. troops home, is the best way to do that.

"Nobody is really talking about troops coming home," said Paul. "They tinker around with moving the troops in the Middle East, but I want to bring the troops home from Korea, Japan and Europe because we're broke. The empire is coming unglued and the dollar is going down. The only way you can restore confidence in the monetary system is by changing these policies."

Paul's Minnesota campaign director, Marianne Stebbens, said she's hoping for a big turnout at Tuesday's caucuses.

"They're not going to be switching sides when they go in there tomorrow night. They know who they're voting for, and if we have two feet of snow tomorrow night, they'll still show up," she said.

Stebbins said Paul's core supporters are mostly in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, but she says there is also a strong showing coming from Clay County.

Paul is hoping to score a victory at Minnesota's GOP straw poll. The results are non-binding, but he said a strong showing could bring more attention to his campaign.

Ron Paul signs have been popping up everywhere now throughout Miami Beach, the stomping grounds of Gambling911.com. They've also been popping up in and around San Diego. California is part of Super Tuesday.

The Congressman could end up strong in Alaska, where he is believed to have fervent support. He also leads with military donors in Hawaii. In fact, Ron Paul received nearly twice as many donations as both Democratic and Republican contenders combined.


Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher CCostigan@CostiganMedia.com

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That be nice if they'd report it on TV, but you know the world might come to end.