View Full Version : "No More" - An anti war prose

02-04-2008, 06:56 AM
We are not settling for war anymore.

I believe in the goodness of mankind. I love my brothers and sisters
of all nationalities and of all religious inclination. I will not
settle for war anymore. I'm just an average person. I don't care
about becoming something that others looking outside of themselves
care to be. But what I do care about is humanity. I will not settle
for war anymore.

I care about the fact that we are everything we need but yet we've
allowed a vision to be sold to us by thieves who’ve stolen our divinity. Yes
you can say that our elders allowed it. Yes you can say that it was
meant to be. But the question of whether you have bought into it remains.
If so, have you not been able to at least partially see through it?
So why then would you subscribe now to the intentions of madmen? I will not
subscribe to another’s tainted vision of reality nor will I settle
for war anymore.

Do you see what I see when I turn on the TV? A bought and sold
reality. Corrupted and violent agenda based tyrants stealing our
hearts and demanding conformity. But who are we? That is the
question. Who are we to let others choose? Would you in a free
society established in goodwill for mankind and equality let someone
else decide what you subscribe to? Or would you create your own
reality. Developed and molded by your own heart's desires. And
wouldn't you shake my hand? You know, if you trusted your heart and
there were no demands. No demands. Because we no longer understand
measurements that have infiltrated and stopped the flow of
unconditionality. I will not measure you if you will stop measuring
me and together we can be knights of peaceful longevity. Together we
will not understand war anymore.

Life between the lines of duality has become boring. And we've
bought it hook, line, and sinker but all it takes is courage to end
it's reign over reality. A courage which first requires a fight
against ego. Ego must be destroyed for us to become that which is
our destiny. And so we must rewind time. We must become a child that
upon first opening his eyes screamed innocently for love. A child
who knew no angles and thirsted for life. So how does one become
his/her own inner child? All it requires is reconnection within and
a strong emotional desire to do that which we yearn to do? Did you
hear that or shall I give you take 2? Love yourself and live your
dreams. I know what you are thinking. That seems such a small step
for me to take. But fret not and do not hesitate. Just question
everything you've been taught and become your own magistrate. And
soon enough you will not need strength from others. But you like
me, will no longer settle for war anymore.

So let's take on this invisible fight and we just might win a war
that will never be fought on any battlefield. But the war of who
controls our hearts. Screw the handshake, give me a hug.
Please don’t deny any child of GOD your love…

written in 2002 by me. it's a little preachy at times and kinda over presumptious and maybe a tad bit faith based for some, but i still like what i wrote. .. maybe time for an update...