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02-03-2008, 10:35 PM
Dear Friends,
Two days before the Super Tuesday Primaries, I sit before my computer and do something I really should’ve been doing for the last few months. But, alas, I have two small children. Enough said.

I am writing to tell you that I am voting for the only candidate running that I believe is actually serious about bringing some much needed change to this country. After the last election, and the ABB (anything but bush) mentality that just got us another four years of Bush, I pretty much lost all hope that our nation was headed anywhere but down the drain. I essentially just decided to sit on my butt and wait for it to happen.

But something happened a few months ago that changed my perspective drastically and gave me a surge of hope again, a reason to believe that maybe, just maybe, we weren’t all headed to hell in a hand basket after all.
I learned that there is a Presidential candidate who actually knows, moreover even cares, about our Constitution; who wants the troops out of Iraq NOW (not in 16 months or 2 years or whatever, but NOW…in the literal sense); who’s voting record in Congress is so flawlessly in line with the Constitution that lobbyists don’t bother to approach him; who not only wants troops out of Iraq, but wants them out of all 700+ military bases the U.S. uses to police the world; and most importantly, for me, who actually understands why inflation, what I call the “hidden tax”, exists, how it hurts the poor and middle class; and who is committed to addressing the root cause , the banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve, rather than pretend it’s normal and distract the public with other superfluous “modifications” (some might be inclined to call them solutions) to the economic problems we face today.

So who is this guy, you might ask?? I’m not surprised if you haven’t heard. I mean, the mainstream media won’t give him any attention. When he’s not being excluded from the debates altogether, he’s given only a fraction of the time the other candidates get to argue about their trivial “differences.” But there’s a revolution brewing behind the scenes. It’s grassroots. It’s exciting. It’s contagious. It’s mostly invisible on the mainstream media. It’s the Americans in this country who are tired of one “leader” after the next, promising one thing and doing another, term after term. The Americans who tired of the politicians in the pockets of the corporations. It’s the Democrats, the Republicans, the Independents, the Libertarians, the Greens, and the “I’m-too-sick-of-the-charade-to-even-vote-anymore” Americans. He’s broken fundraising records. He’s united people across the political spectrum with his authenticity and his simple message of freedom.

His name is Ron Paul.

And I truly believe that any other name on the oval office nameplate will represent another four years down the drain, another four years of wasteful spending on murderous wars, another four years of the devaluation of the dollar, another four years of civil liberties quietly (or maybe loudly) being stripped from us, I could go on, but I’m getting depressed just thinking about it.

Anyway, I could write a book about why I support Ron Paul and what he stands for. Trying to explain my journey in a short letter just wouldn’t cut it. I realize that some of you, who’ve known me for a long time, might be puzzled as to why I would be voting for a Republican. Truthfully, I was surprised for awhile myself, and ashamed to “come out” as a “dirty R word”.

But here’s my attempt to explain in a nutshell: I’m tired of wars; I’m tired of knowing that the Federal Reserve (no more “Federal” than Federal Express), manipulates the worth of our dollar to consistently benefit those filthy rich, powerful people at the top at the expense of the poor, the middle class and the citizens of all the countries we go to war with to fatten their pockets; I’m tired of the “war on drugs” which is really only a mechanism for unfairly and unconstitutionally imprisoning countless African Americans for trivial “crimes” of possession of marijuana ; I’m tired of not hearing other candidates talk about the real issues and the very real realities that we face not too long from now if things don’t change: the national ID card and chip, the North American Union, the FDA orchestrated handover of alternative medicines from small business to the ruthlessly greedy pharmaceutical companies that have already wreaked havoc on our health care system, to name a few.

I want real change, not just an establishment backed minority or woman candidate who put their money and vote in a different place than where their mouth is. I want the guy the establishment is afraid of. I want the change the establishment won’t even allow into the discussion.

I want Ron Paul.

So, my secret is out. I hope you want him too!
Thanks for listening,