View Full Version : Help call Alaskan Independent voters

02-03-2008, 11:20 AM
Any other supporters that do not have caucuses or primaries on Tuesday can help Alaska thru direct calling. Alaskans are pretty much friendly , laid back and like to talk about politics so it is much easier conversing with them than east coasters.

Just click on this link below for names and numbers. You need to sign in with a user name and password that you create first. Thanks!

Here is the link for the call Alaska data base. Please encouragepeople to call voters that are not Republicans, because they arealready being called by Alaskans. http://xyzzycoder.com Thanks, Meghann-- Meghann WalkerAlaska Field CoordinatorRon Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign cell: 773-412-6631Meghann.Walker@ronpaul2008.com

Other helpful info for people calling: Independents that are registered to vote can go to a polling place , change thier registration to republican(like in Iowa). They vote, doesnt cost anything and they dont have to stick around if they dont want to.

They can change thier registration back to independent the next day by calling the election office if that is an issue. To find thier polling location tell them to go to RonPaulalaska.com or have them call Meghann on her cell number 773-412-6631.

Any of them mention McCain or Romney tell them this,

McCain voted against ANWR. Ron Paul voted for it.

Romney is for gun control. Ron Paul is strongly against it.

Huckabee has record of tax hiker. Ron Paul votes against any tax increases while striving to lower already existing taxes.