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02-02-2008, 08:10 PM
I just got this email today

February 2, 2008

Loyal Ron Paul supporters,

Here is another way you can help Ron Paul continue to defend freedom
and keep the movement alive. Under Texas law Ron Paul can run for
President and Congress at the same time and he is doing just that. If you have
already given to help elect Ron Paul President, you can also help him
by giving to his reelection campaign to Congress. Go to his
congressional web site starting TODAY and donate to make sure Ron also wins his
reelection campaign for Congress. Let's help reelect Ron to Congress and
elect him President at the same time. Let the Establishment know that
the movement will continue, whether in Congress or in the White House.
The Texas Primary election is March 4, so time is short for Ron to fund
this campaign.

Our goal is to raise $400,000 for Ron's congressional campaign within
the next week or two. Early voting starts in Texas soon and Ron's
congressional campaign needs the money TODAY to pay for TV and radio and

Federal election laws make it impossible for Congressman Paul to use
any of his presidential funds for his congressional race so long as he
remains a candidate for president. That creates a real problem because as
long as Ron Paul continues to have success running for President, he
will have a hard time securing funds for his congressional reelection.

So get online now at http://www.ronpaulforcongress.com and make your
maximum donation. Watch the donation counter soar to help keep the
Revolution alive. And send this email alert to all of your friends and

Let's show Ron Paul exactly how much we love, appreciate and support

Yours for Freedom,

Mark Elam
Ron Paul Congressional Campaign Manager
This should be a sticky in its very own forum.

If you are maxed out with the Presidential Campaign, please consider giving to the Congressional campaign. $400,000 isn't a lot and we should be able to do this with our eyes closed. If someone has time we should organize a money bomb for it among maxed out donors.

02-02-2008, 08:21 PM

There is a real ass campaigning against him, Chris Peden. He sets up petition tables with big red SIGN HERE TO GET RID OF RON PAUL for instance...

Its easy to play devil's advocate I guess.

Please guys, if you live in his district or in Houston help out with his congressional campaign. If you dont, please donate some money--its up some, but just a couple days ago was only $35!

02-02-2008, 08:50 PM
holy it's over 62k! Yesterday it was under 2k. Good job! I plan to give some next week

02-02-2008, 08:58 PM
I am sorry but I can not give money to his congressional seat.

I am not a constituent of his. I would be willing to talk to people but it is their representative not mine. Who am I to tell them who they should have represent them in congress.

Ideally the House is to represent the people of each district.

To add to this if he was running for a Senate seat I sure would have no problem, because I know he would fight for giving the state of Texas more rights, which is in the best interest of Texas. (Even though I am not from Texas)

02-02-2008, 09:07 PM
Ideally the House is to represent the people of each district.

I agree. That's what election day is for. But if the people of the district do not have a chance to hear about the candidate because he has no money to advertise, then the people's decision wasn't based on the issues. It was instead based on the mass media's coverage of the campaign. The very same enemy we are facing on a national level.

02-02-2008, 09:12 PM
hahahahahhaha, im pretty sure ron would have no problem getting the seat whatsoever.

unless you're maxxed with the pres campaign donate to that. im pretty sure he needs the money there more.

02-03-2008, 01:36 AM

and give to ANY ron paul republican running for house or senate.

Ron Paul Republicans will take back this country, if we have to do it one at a time.