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Please review and provide feedback. Want to send this out as 22,000 circulation hometown newspaper insert, use for precinct mailing, etc. Can I please get your expert review ? thanks in advance ! (it will be 2 page 8.5 x 11 back to back). The intended audience is politicalyl uninterested people interested in Ron Paul and to counter McCain's media coverage.

From your neighbor on U.S. Hwy 14 Ö.

Do you want a stronger America ?

Do you want a stronger America ?
Our U.S. government must pay down its $9 Trillion debt.

But, you say, the United States has always carried national debt.
This current debt is the largest debt in the history of any country in the world.
Your share of this, and every citizensí, including every baby being born, is $30,000. 100% of our income taxes, the taxes you and I pay every April 1st, is applied to the payment of only the interest of this national debt.
Can the U.S. write off its debt, or simply default on the debt ?
50% is owned by the U.S., 50% owned by foreign countries such as China and Saudi Arabia. If the domestic debt is defaulted on, the millions in savings bonds held by millions of Americans would become worthless. If the foreign debt is defaulted on, China and Saudi Arabia can legally seize United States assets around the world , including in the U.S.

Do you want a stronger America ?
The U.S. should print its own money backed by gold and abolish the Federal Reserve.

But, you say, I donít care where my money comes from.
The Federal Reserve is not a Federal department. Itís a system of large private banks which loan the United States citizens its own money and charge interest (the prime rate). These private bankers continue to make billions in interest from us on our currency with this system.
Printing money in this way , and increasing the amount of dollars also creates inflation, making everything cost more, and your savings worth less. If inflation increases to 8% next year, your $100,000 in savings will be worth under $93,000.

Do you want a stronger America ?
We should bring our troops home , and home from Korea, Germany, Kosovo, etc.

But, you say, we need to fight them over there.
Before 9/11, there was an average of 28 Al Qaeda attacks per year worldwide. Since our Iraq invasion, there are on average 200 attacks (outside Iraq) annually worldwide.
__________________________________________________ ___________
You may say, yes, but, they havenít hit the U.S. since we invaded. Al Qaeda leaders wait patiently to attack until the time is right. They waited 8 years between the í93 World Trade Center bombings and the 9/11 tragedy.
In Iraq, our respected U.S. soldiers are now babysitting an Iraqi civil war.
If the U.S. was attacked now, we do not have enough troops here to defend our country.1
The U.S. is spending $1 trillion per year to babysit this Iraq civil war, and to occupy 130 bases around the world.

Do you want a stronger America?
Eliminate low value major departments such as Homeland Security and the Department of Education.

But, you say, Homeland Security keeps us safe, and Dept of Ed makes our schools better.
Since Homeland Security was created in Ď02 , our borders remain porous. Federal investigators, as a test, were able to smuggle, across both north and southern borders, the materials needed to make two dirty nuclear bombs.3
Since the Department of Education was created in 1980, our studentís testing scores have consistently dropped relative to kids around the world. The Dept of Edís No Child Left Act has taken choice of school curriculum and testing away from local municipalities and given it to the government in Washington.

Do you want a stronger America?
We must secure our borders and not allow amnesty.

John McCain
∑ will allow amnesty to illegal immigrants
∑ will have the U.S. stay in Iraq 100 years with your tax dollars, and will maintain our troops around the world at a cost of $1 trillion annually
∑ will increase Washington spending 2 and our debt
∑ has no plan to capture Osama Bin Laden.

Ron Paul
∑ will not allow amnesty, will close our borders,
∑ will stop the U.S. from spending billions of dollars fighting in other countries
∑ only candidate that will cut Washington spending 2 and our debt
∑ already offered a plan to congress to fund private groups to hunt down and capture Bin Laden.

1 U.S. Congressional Report: January 31, 2008
2 National Taxpayers Union: January 30, 2008

To check out Ron Paul locally, email xxx@xxx.com or go to www.ronpaul.meetup.com/XXXX/ (http://www.ronpaul.meetup.com/XXXX/) www.ronpaul2008.com (http://www.ronpaul2008.com)

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Isn't there some fed taxes that end up funding the dept of ed?

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Isn't there some fed taxes that end up funding the dept of ed?

thanks FSP-Rebel, I'll fact check that

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