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02-02-2008, 06:18 PM
In every other primary/caucus so far, some peoples numbers have changed a little, but the way they have been reported from the lower %10 is the way it stayed the whole race.

So McCain is %3 lower than Paul after 12 percent of the ballots, and in the course of 30 percent they had a %6 change. This just doesn't seem right. Unless Paul of course finishes where he had started.

02-02-2008, 06:52 PM
Maine can be thought of as two states. The southern end of the state south of Lewiston/Auburn to the border with NH is were the vast majority of the population is concentrated. The southern end of the state politically trends more liberal. There's also a significant portion of the population that formerly lived in MA. All of these things tend to cause the southern precincts to have results significantly different than the "other" Maine.

The rest of the state is predominantly rural, independently minded and more conservatively minded. Ron Paul may win more precincts in these areas but the sheer number of voters will be dwarfed by the numbers from the population centers. Some caucuses in the rural areas only had 30 - 35 people show up from a 150 square mile area. In southern Maine 200 - 300 people will show up from one city.

I expect McCain to do well in the southern end of the state. I find it really strange that he made a trip to Maine campaigning on behalf of David Emery in our last Republican gubernatorial primary but he didn't come to the state to promote his own presidential bid.