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Frank Carbone Jr.
02-02-2008, 02:59 PM
Fellow Ron Paul Supporters, (2/1/08)

A short but true story

"And a child shall lead them"

About a month ago I ordered 50 Ron Paul buttons for distribution to close family and friends.

The shipment came and I gave 10 to Mike C., 10 to Jim F., 10 to Joe E. and 5 to Tony C.
This is not a question in an elementary math test.

When Grandpa Jim's six year old grandson Bryan first saw the buttons he was curious and asked "Who's Ron Paul?"
Grandpa explained that he was a candidate for President of the USA.

Bryan then asked if he could have a button to wear on his jacket to school. Jim then pinned a Ron Paul button on Bryan's school jacket.

He had been wearing the button for about a week. When he came home yesterday - Bryan mentioned to Grandpa Jim that everyone was asking "Who's Ron Paul?" [i.e., even his teacher, the principal and his classmates]

Jim then gave Bryan a short, simple and early history lesson that Ron Paul is a candidate for president of the USA.

Bryan can now explain very well who Ron Paul is and he's prepared to teach others on the day before Primary Day here in NYS - Tuesday 2/5/08.

On Monday 2/05/08 when Bryan goes back to school he'll will have enough material to educate those who ask - "Who's Ron Paul?" - and he'll have another button on his jacket and hat.

, , , Frank Carbone Jr., Orange County, NY

The One
02-02-2008, 03:02 PM
Nice story. My daughter has 3 RP bumper stickers on her binder, so she gets asked about him alot at school. She has a couple of teachers who she confirmed as RP supporters. They got all excited when they saw her binder.