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02-02-2008, 02:41 PM
Here is an editorial letter that I wrote. Please feel free to distribute and send out to your media outlets.

Maybe We Should Give Ron Paul a Second Look

As the Republican field narrows we’re getting more exposure to the candidates. I’m not happy with what I see. Many of the candidates are not measuring up to traditional conservative standards. Do we really want to commit our troops to Iraq for 100 years as McCain suggests? What about fiscal conservatism? How in the world do we pay for it without more borrowed money from China and more deficits? McCain has military experience but is economically weak. This was displayed by his stunned look when Paul asked him a question on the president’s working group on financial markets at the Florida debate. Romney has business experience, but doesn’t wear the mantle of “Commander in Chief” well. Then there’s Huckabee who, though his passion as a Christian is commendable, has placed himself into a niche. On top of that is his questionable tax record. That leaves us with Ron Paul. I think we’ve made a big mistake in dismissing and pre-judging him. He is the only real conservative. He’s pro-family and has been married to the same woman for 51 years, he is fiscally conservative and cuts taxes, he understands the Constitution, and sticks by it. We talk about wanting another Reagan. In 1976 Ron Paul was 1 of only 4 Republican congressmen to endorse Reagan for president, plus Reagan actually campaigned for Ron Paul in his 1978 congressional race. I would call that an endorsement! Additionally, he is the only candidate with both the military experience to be “Commander in Chief” and the proper understanding of economics. But the biggest factor is that he beat both Clinton and Obama in a recent straw poll in Middletown, CT, an area known to be Clinton country. This is not just about the Republican nomination, it’s about the election in November. Ron Paul is the only candidate who poses a threat to Clinton and Obama and could take votes from them, strengthening the shrinking Republican base.

Carla L. Messina, DNM
Natural Health Practitioner
Denham Springs, LA