View Full Version : Do a sign holding at a busy intersection and call ALL news media, it works!

02-02-2008, 01:48 AM
We have done a few sign holdings as well as a fox boycott here in fresno california and ANYTIME we alert the media they come out and are happy to toss us on the air.

I think we should do a "media sign holding day" or something like that where everyone in their own city does a rush hour sign holding as well as call the media to announce it.

I just saw myself as well as the nice big ron paul sign I was holding on our 10pm news on fox (yes I know I dont care for them but so many watch em and we want to get those sheepish people to WAKE up).

Here is what has been working for us.

1. find the busiest intersection you can think of.
2. setup a meetup group event with at least 10 people
3. call EVERY local news and print media in the city
4. figure out who your "spokesman/woman is
5. get that nice free advertising for ron paul.

I think it would be a ton of fun to stage a national "rush hour sign holding media blitz" so that across the nation EVERYONE will see ron paul in their own local news.

This free advertising would odds are cost MILLIONS all together and we would be able to attract ron paul supporters locally as far as those driving BUT then get new ones on the news at night and they ALSO reair it in the morning spot as well.

Anyone want to set this up?

I think it would be huge to be able to do this on the 4th right before super tuesday BUT we can also CONTINUE doing this after this as well.

Imagine every week people get to see ron paul on their drive home as well as their nightly and morning news.

It works, its free and you cant buy that kind of airtime. People LOVE seeing local stuff over national anyways...