View Full Version : Just donated!!!happy yay!

02-01-2008, 09:41 PM
Well, Ill have to work overtime next week to cover it, but i just donated another $100 to the one and only RONALD PAUL!. :) I also took my 11 year old son out today to help me put up a Ron Paul sign that had previously been ran over. i thought about putting some nails in the ground around the sign.... , but i just couldnt do it...:rolleyes: Anyhow, my son and daughter are getting a real lesson in what it means to fight for our country by voting for the right guy in Ron Paul. Even at their age, they see in the debates that RP has the real solutions for our country. My son a few months ago told me how they studied in school about inflation. He mentioned Ron Pauls stance in class and got alot of kids saying he was right....weird i guess for 6th graders, but a good start. Happy donating to all!:):D