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02-01-2008, 07:50 PM
I've been trying to reach my family down in Georgia, communicating through dozens of emails about Ron Paul, and talking with them in person.

I have two mother's in law and two father's in law.

both father's in law voted for Ron Paul
one mother in law voted for Ron Paul (other Clinton :( )

my mom, two sisters, and brother all voted for Ron Paul.
My dad is still on the line with Romney vs Paul, so I sent him this:


Here was the response my mom sent today:

Dear ****,

Hi…I just heard (your father) laughing, saying that he told you we were all voting, but didn’t say for whom. How mean! (Sister 1), (Sister 2) and I have already voted, and of course all voted for Ron Paul. The rest of the candidates, both sides, really make me sick…clearly setting up for the demise of the United States and furthering the establishment of the one world order. That may happen soon enough anyway, but I’m praying we have more time, and Ron Paul would sure be a big step for the “more time” scenario I would love to see. (Your father) is still uncommitted, won’t tell us anything, but I think it is between Romney and Ron Paul. I know he hates McCain, and thinks Huckabee is too liberal. Well, at least you know you have 3 committed votes, love, Mom

Just thought I'd post this tidbit of good news from my end, at least.

That's 7/9 for Paul, possibly 8, in Georgia for my family.:D

Probably nothing compared to many of you, but I'm happy nonetheless!

02-01-2008, 07:55 PM
heartwarming, only if all my little sisters could vote

1) Maxi has been putting slim jim on cars windows even though I told her it's not the best idea, but bless her 1 year old heart

2) Carlas sat for an hour on the issues pages watching Ron Paul explain her the issues and has talk to all her friends at school about Ron Paul but not much luck, bless her 15 year old heart

3) sadly, the 11 year old Kayla is siding with Clinton to spite me

4) My mom can't vote but she goes to rallie and sign waving, and donates, and puts out slims jim everywhere and is precinct leader

5) my brother is registered and will vote for paul, that's about it

6) My dad is voting for clinton, but he'd for Ron Paul is Obama is the nominee

7)random other familee members are voting for Ron Paul

02-01-2008, 07:56 PM
your mom is impressive.... !