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Please consider donating to his congressional campaign. We definately dont want him to lose his congressional seat!


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Can you just post it? I hate PDF files.

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Dear Friend,

Wow! What a year this has been.

Who would have believed when I said one year ago that I was thinking about running for
President that we would ever have gotten this far?

The presumptive GOP front-runners for President have either dropped out are on life support.
People ask me the secret of my success and I just tell them the simple truth: “Freedom is

This movement…this Revolution…is bigger than me. This is the type of cause our forefathers
fought and died for, but which too many take for granted today.

I know that you don’t take freedom and liberty for granted. You have proven that to me time
and again with the sacrifices you have made in my behalf and in behalf of the noble cause we
have all dedicated ourselves to.

Win or lose in this race…we have already won in the hearts and minds of hundreds of
thousands of patriotic Americans who have joined us along the path we are following to
restore the greatness of our dear land. This has truly been a “Revolution.” A revolution for
freedom and peace and for renewal of the principles our nation was founded upon.

In debate after debate, in speech after speech, this past year has been a glorious opportunity to
spread the freedom message…to recruit thousands of soldiers for the battle that still lies
ahead. And we have done that. The legacy of our campaign for President may not be seen this
year or even in this decade…but that legacy will bear fruit and result in the growth of
something real and lasting and liberating for those Americans who yearn to once again live in

In campaign visits to state after state, city after city, I have encountered enthusiastic supporters who love nothing more than to hear me talk about freedom, and peace and the
importance of upholding the Constitution. People young and old, from across the political
spectrum, have joined us in this fight. And I am humbled to see so many support the things I
have worked so long to promote.

That you have taken your time, and energy and your money to help me in my campaigns is
something that I can never thank you enough for. You are what makes America special. And
you are why I still have such Hope for America.

As we move ever closer to the end of this race I pledge to you that I will do all I can to be
victorious. We have battled a biased media. We have waged war against an Establishment that
hates everything we stand for. But we have remained unshaken, and undeterred in our quest to
turn our country around and restore it to what it can and should be once again.

The road to freedom is not an easy one. Far too many people and societies choose to follow
the easy path…and to accept the road to Serfdom. But not us. We were born to be free! And I
pledge to you that I will continue to defend that birth right with every ounce of my strength so
long as God gives me breath.

That is why I have dedicated 30 years of public service to pursuing my goals of educating
Americans through my foundation and my political activities. Those who come after
us…those who take up the cause of freedom… will look back and remember what we battled
for and take courage in the knowledge that freedom can be obtained and defended against its

As you know, if running for President weren’t enough of a challenge, I have been at the same
time seeking reelection to my congressional seat in Texas. The election law in Texas allows
people like me, and Lyndon Johnson, and Lloyd Bentsen to run for the highest office in the
land while at the same time seeking reelection to the U.S. House or Senate. This law
recognizes the importance of being able to allow a leader to seek to influence national opinion
and politics without automatically giving up a position of leadership in the Congress.

So I am fighting battles on two fronts. On the one hand I have been battling…and defeating
bigger and stronger and better-funded opponents in the contest for President. On the other, I
am struggling to find the time and the strength and the funds to defend the home front…my
congressional district in Texas. As you might expect, political opportunists have stepped in to
try and take advantage of the situation and have filed to run against me for Congress. One
such political opportunist filed to run against me in the Republican primary election in March.
This person, who only a year ago praised me as someone he admired and “respected” because
I never flip-flopped or went “against core principles for political gain,” is today attacking me
as though I was Satan himself.

The nasty campaign literature being distributed by my Republican opponent for Congress is
straight out of the lies and deceit distributed election after election by my Dem 2

I received a letter just today from a supporter in my hometown who wanted to help me and
who was worried about the nasty and deceitful campaign attacks being waged against me.
And all this from an opponent who last year praised me and publicly promised he would
“never” run against me so long as I was seeking reelection to Congress. Well, you and I both
know how dependable the word of the average politician is today.

As busy as I am trying to spread our message of freedom around the nation…and even the
world…I simply cannot afford to ignore my reelection campaign at home. The success we
have seen in fundraising for the presidential campaign has clearly come at the expense of my
not doing ANY fundraising for my congressional campaign. As a result the congressional
campaign account is virtually empty. Federal election laws make it virtually impossible for
me to use any of my presidential funds for my congressional race so long as I remain a
candidate for president. That presents a real problem…because as long as I continue to have
success running for President, I will have a hard time securing funds for my congressional

That’s why I am writing you today. You have helped me tremendously in this campaign. I can
never thank you enough for your generosity. Many who have helped me have given the
maximum amount of $2300 per person and still contact me regularly wanting to know how
they can do even more.

Well, fortunately, federal election law treats donations to the presidential campaign and the
congressional campaign as two separate items for accounting purposes. That means someone
who gave a large donation to the presidential race…perhaps even the maximum…can also
give to my congressional campaign without any conflict or penalty.

And that is what I am asking you to consider doing today. You have helped me so much, but
you can do even more if you are able and willing.

Please consider making a generous donation to the Committee to Reelect Ron Paul.
Whether I become President is still an open question. But in the meantime we cannot afford to
risk losing the congressional seat we fought so hard to obtain and to hold.

Please help me make sure this seat is kept safe by making a donation to my congressional
reelection campaign today. Your gift of $50, $100 or $250 will help me beat back the
opposition which seeks to make sure I never return to Washington or ever again threaten the
Establishment’s plans for a bigger and more powerful government in Washington. Your
donation of $500, $1000 or even the maximum of $2300 would be a magnificent contribution
to the cause we are so fervently supporting and defending.

We have fought too hard and too long to lose now. The loss of my congressional seat would
be something the enemies of freedom would revel in and hold up as a symbol of success in
their never-ending effort to socialize America and make us all totally dependent upon big-
government from cradle-to-grave.

Please help me overcome this challenge to my congressional seat. My opponent is a slick
politician who will apparently say or do anything to promote himself and seek to bury me in
the political graveyard of Texas politics.

I am dependent upon you for every aspect of my service and continuation in office and
politics. Please help me again to continue my service by letting me hear from you today with
your gift to my reelection campaign. Together, let’s win another great battle for freedom!


Ron Paul

P.S. Time is very short. The primary election is only about a month away. I need your help
today to guarantee victory!

02-01-2008, 07:58 PM
We should consider having a mini-bomb for his run for congress. Just to give him a little boost. He only has over a thousand dollars so far.

02-01-2008, 08:03 PM
Yeah, a congressional money bomb would give him way more omoney than any other congressiona candidate since your typical congressional candidate works with 100-300k

I'm all in favor of a congress bomb but should make it a liberty congress bomb with list of 10 candidates that giv e $10 each too

02-01-2008, 08:10 PM
Is this a real site or a scam from someone looking to make some money?

02-01-2008, 09:47 PM
Hmmmm.....It looks like this is the guy that's running against Ron Paul.....and he's not playing too nice......


02-01-2008, 09:48 PM
This is a REAL site. It is Dr. Paul's Congressional re-election site.

We need to support him, please.

02-01-2008, 09:54 PM
I just donated. Come on, people, give what you can. Dr. Paul is fighting for us, so let's fight for him.

02-01-2008, 09:55 PM
If we can get a blimp, surely we can do this.

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Valentines Day Fundraiser for the congressional campaign

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