View Full Version : Regarding being "war heros"

Ira Aten
02-01-2008, 03:47 PM
You know, when John Kennedy was running for President, there was a hoopla about him being a "war hero" which he dismissed in a rather gentelman like manner.

When a reporter asked a question about him being a "hero" during WW II, and how did he do it, he replied in his famous Massachusetts accent:

"...Well, er, the er, Japanese er, sank my boat."

He recognized the fact that the real heros were still over there in places such as Normandy, and the Phillipine Island chain. He never personally talked any type of crap about it. He was highly affected by the fact his older brother was killed in action.

So Kennedy just made a joke about his hero status, saying as a skipper of a P.T. boat, you aren't much of a hero getting your boat sank by a Japanese destroyer running your ass over.

I would have a great deal more respect for John McCain, if he were to use the methods of John Kennedy as an example instead of his brother Teddy.