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I havent seen one yet but after the crap the other candidates pulled in LA watch out for false news. I would imagine that the number one issue would be the weather because of the storm coming in. If you see a post or anything saying that the caucus is postponed be very very alert. It is possible that they might postpone the caucus (which is why they made it for 3 days) but if you see something like this make sure to call the headquarters or City Hall or something like that. JUST GET IT VERIFIED BY A RELIABLE SOURCE!

I was at work thinking about this i have a feeling its a strong possibility that this will happen. Also, if you see one town that is close to you and has postponed their caucus dont take it for granted that yours will be too. MAKE SURE TO CALL AND VERIFY IT!!!!

Im getting excited for tomorrow! I cant wait to cast my vote. GET THERE EARLY TOO! I went to city hall on the 15th to see if i was registered because i sent all my crap to the Augusta. I found out i wasn't but my wife was. If you are not registered or are registered as an Independent you can go at least a half hour early to register. I am getting there about 45 mins early just to make sure.

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FYI Mainers,

I would add this to the good advice above. I remember Navada when some camp or paid thugs were calling people and pretending to be pollsters. If you identified yourself as a Paul caucus goer, you then got a call back sometime later saying that the caucus location or time had been changed.

If you get a call from a pollster, write the number down.

If there is ANY confusion call RPHQ.

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BUMP with Maine Addresses and Phone Numbers

Ron Paul Portland Office
437 Congress St.
Portland, ME 04101

Ron Paul Bangor Office
91 Main Street
Bangor, ME

Ron Paul L/A Office
112 Center Street
Auburn, Maine 04210

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