View Full Version : Ron paul Rally Team across US

02-01-2008, 02:59 PM
So me and a friend are considering entering into a rally event from New York to New Orleans. It is run on May 21st-25th and makes stops all along the way. I figured that if the car is painted with "Ron Paul 2008" or something to that extent, and if we handed out pamphlets and spread the word along the way we might be able to generate some publicity for Dr. Paul, or at least get some people interested in what he believes for. Another thing is that the rally is based around having a vehicle that cost 250 dollars or less, which I have covered. THere is also a 250 dollar entrance fee which is pretty cheap. If I go, would it be right for me to ask for donations to help pay for the entrance fee, gas, and to pay for pamphlets, signs or other things I could hand out to spread the word? I am about 85% sure I will be doing this, I just want to run it by some of you people here to see what you thought. I have a few more friends interested in it, so we may have multiple Ron Paul vehicles headed down to the Big Easy!

Also, I would probably need a graphic or 2 for the sides and the hood of the truck I am using, anybody have any ideas?