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02-01-2008, 02:47 PM
After canvassing here in NY (all of you have been canvassing of course, right?), I came across the same thing over and over again: undecided and confusion over the candidates. They simply do not know who to vote for. Over and over again, I hear people say there is no Reagan conservative candidate. They are considering McCain, simply because that is what the media is telling them, but they are smart enough to know he is not a true conservative Republican. After setting them straight, I realized this is an opportunity. I have longed pushed matching Ron Paul to Ronald Reagan and even wrote emails to local GOP committees on it, but now I understand it.

Most people I saw (70-80%) did not do their own research and want the decision to be given to them, either by the media or local Republicans. If they don't watch the news or get a recommendation from friends, then they just go after the name they heard before. More than issues right now, the way we can may a quick difference before Super Tuesday is to go for the emotional hit. Every other campaign knows this, they do not really talk issues but talk about "Change" or "Fight them over there so we don't fight them over here" without actually showing anything to back it up.

In Louisiana, they created a Pro-Life, Pro Family undeclared candidate for delegates and it won because it had a picture of Ronald Reagan. Well, it time to fight fire with fire.

We have days to make Ron Paul = Ron Reagan = Conservative. Especially for the senior citizens and the 70-80% of the undecided, this will be the subliminal kick to vote for Ron Paul when they see his name first on the ballot on Tuesday.

I found this RON PDF (http://files.meetup.com/637551/Ron_Win_One_For_The_Gipper.pdf) on Ron Paul Forums, and I think it does the job. Print these out and include them with the lit you are canvassing with. Hand them out at events.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, hand these outside the poll all day saying "Vote for the RON Reagan Candidate". Again, the subliminal message will hit their subconscious and the impact will be the greatest on the older voter. Is this something Karl Rove would do? Yes. Is this something that can work? It did in Louisiana! Do you want Ron Paul to win? Yes.


1) Print at least 300-1000 copies (based on the size of your precinct polling location) of this PDF: RON PDF (http://files.meetup.com/637551/Ron_Win_One_For_The_Gipper.pdf)

2) Find where your polling place will be (you were going to vote, right), by going to your County's website link to the Board of Election. Remember, most states require that you can not campaign within a certain distance from the polls (~100 ft).

3) Recruit friends to help. Meetup Organizers, help your group by assigning poll stations to everyone in your group.

4) Optional: Print out your state's Election Law (In NY, 5-204.9)stating that you can hand out material outside the restricted distance from the polls, in case someone comes to you and says you can not do this. (They are wrong.)

5) Find out the schedule of the polls in your state. In NY, its 6AM-9PM. Come in early as many voters vote before going to work, and stay late for those who vote after work. If you are working that day, then by going early, during lunch, and after work, you will still hit the majority of people. (Remember to vote yourself :rolleyes:)

6) Bring Ron Paul Signs, friends, and kids to help.

7) Hand out this flyer and say "Vote for the RON Reagan candidate" or "This is the RON Reagan conservative candidate." and that's it, don't say Ron Paul. They will read it based on that alone, and by overemphasizing RON, the subconscious will connect with Ron Paul when they see his name on the ballot.

This is it, people. Now is the time. If you are a true supporter of Ron Paul, this is what you must do to turn the tide for Ron Paul, just like George Washington troops after a brutal winter in Valley Forge. Its time for you to rise to the occasion and become heroes to this, our United States of America. Many of you did not join the Ron Paul army to canvass, finding the safety of the Internet to be comforting while watching Ron lose in the real world. Well, its time to get out of your comfort zone for one day and one day only, and RISE TO BE A HERO. SAVE OUR COUNTRY.

This tactic of linking Ron Reagan to a candidate position worked perfectly AGAINST us in Louisiana. It is brilliant because it is the emotional spark that the Republican base is waiting for. LET'S FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE, and turn this battle to victory. This is Midway, Waterloo, and Stalingrad all tied up in one. This is OUR LAST CHANCE for a brokered convention, AND WE CAN ONLY WIN IF YOU ARE IN THE FIGHT.

For freedom,
Steven Vasquez

02-05-2008, 12:33 PM