View Full Version : 94.7FM mentioned Ron Paul

02-01-2008, 12:37 PM
The DJ on 94.7 was talking about the Presidential candidates, how the Democrats were talking their policy and how the Republicans were talking their policy. And mentioned that all of them are the same - they've got big money backers and have friends in high places in politics and the media and their agendas are according to who pumps money into their pockets. The little people have little chance.

He went on saying that the common man is not represented, if only a regular guy could represent the people we would be in a much better place. Everything they mention is gonna cost this many billions and that many billions.. nothing relates a regular guy. They talk the DC talk that no one understands and everything goes over our heads the moment they mention big money.

Then he said those magic words:

Well, none of the candidates actually speak in terms we understand. Except Ron Paul, who's the smartest person in the whole field, but he doesn't have a chance..

before going to a commercial. It was great.